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Sunday 31 December 2017

What’s It All About?

    “You tell me. I didn’t ask to come here, you brought me here!”
    “I can see they’ve taken quite a liberty, but you must forgive us, a man of your ability we can find a use for.”
   “Me, what do you want with me?”
   “You are going to work for us.”
   “Why should I do that?”
   “You are going to be a man of importance.”
   “Am I?”
   “You are going to hold a lofty position.”
   “You are going to be someone no-one sees.”
   “I don’t understand.”
   “You are Number One!”
   “Why me?”
   “We cannot think of anyone more qualified than you. It won’t be an easy job. You’ll be isolated.”
   “I prefer my own company.”
   “You’ll have to hide your face behind several masks.”
   “If no-one sees me what will that matter?”
   “And wear a cowled robe.”
   “Is that all?”
   “You’ll be able to see everything that goes on, and we’ll give you a telephone so that you can speak to Number Two, your subordinate.”
   “My subordinate, that makes me the boss, I’m Number One!”
   “Yes......oh and you’ll have to spend all your time cooped up in a space rocket!”
    “Will I?”
    “Oh my god, won’t someone let me out of here? Hello this is Number One, I want someone to open this hatch and let me out. For God’s sake let me out of here, it’s cramped and getting terribly hot in here.......”
    “This is Number One to ground control, I’m feeling rather queer, and I’m floating in a most peculiar way. Number One to ground control I think it’s going to be alright now, I can see the Earth it’s really beautiful. Number One to ground control there’s something wrong, can you hear me ground control, there’s something wrong, the circuit’s dead! The rocket is losing orbit, re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, I’ve no control. Number One to ground control can you hear me, can you help me ground control.........tell Number Six he’s a complete and utter..............”
    “This is ground control to Number One can you hear us Number One, can you hear us Number One............?

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