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Saturday 16 December 2017

Page 6

    Sometimes, in my dreams, I wonder what Number 6’s predecessor was like. There had to be a former Number 6 to the one which we have become so familiar with, after all he has a successor! It was Number 240 in ‘Dance of The Dead’ who when asked how long had The Village been going, it was for a very long time, since before the war in fact. The only question is, which war? So it stands to reason that sometime during all that time the number 6 must have been used on numerous occasions. But I bet none of them were of the same calibre as our Number 6, unless of course one or two of them had been well trained secret agents as ZM73! But it’s doubtful. It might be supposed that the administration behind The Village had been looking for a man of Number 6’s calibre for a very long time, since before the war perhaps!

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