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Friday 22 December 2017

No.6 Takes Too Many Risks!

    In ‘Arrival’ when he tried to escape, not once but twice, and during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ when he placed his trust in Number 8, and many, many times after that throughout his incarceration in The Village. And yet not so much in ‘Checkmate,’ he let the Rook take the risks then. After all who stole the surveillance camera, the telephone from the kiosk, along with electrical components, and a screwdriver from the trailer of the electrics truck......the Rook that’s who. All Number 6 did was to break an aerial off one of the taxis!
    I wonder how it worked, the radio transmitter that Number 6 used to transmit that distress call, I mean what was its power source? After all I didn’t see the Rook steal an Every Ready battery from the trailer of the electrics truck, even though there was a box of Ever Ready batteries there. And that’s a point, Ever Ready batteries,
not Village batteries, like Village film, Village cooking oil, Village needles etcetera. Perhaps the batteries were a special import from Great Britain!

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