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Sunday, 31 December 2017

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    Why did the Prisoner resign? That doesn’t seem all that important in the scale of things. As Number 2 once said, if one can’t chuck up a job things have come to a pretty pass. He seemed to be somewhat sympathetic towards Number 6 at that point. Later he seemed to understand what Number 6 wanted, what we all want escape!
    But there is no escape, and Number 6 isn’t telling anyone anything, so he’s in The Village for life, until death do they part. And only even then if he’s lucky! I mean look what they did to Number 2, resuscitated him they did, couldn’t even let him rest in peace they couldn’t! But for why? So to afford him the opportunity to plead his case at his trial, the man was dead for heaven’s sake. But who else was there? Number 48 and the former Number 6, they wouldn’t have used up all the time, and even then the former Number 6 wasn’t permitted to be heard!
   So Number 1 turned out to be Number 6 all the time. Who would have guessed it? Number 1 must have known all the time, but he made no attempt to stop Number 6’s ordeal. Perhaps the idea was for Number 6 to stop Number 1. An ordeal to see which of them was the better man. A struggle within himself, and everyone else merely players who have their exits and their entrances, and in their time they play many parts, and sometimes the same part more than once. If Number 6 was the agent provocateur, what does that make Number 1?

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