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Sunday 24 December 2017

The Therapy Zone

    “To hell with The Village” was Number 2’s toast, and at the time I believed him in his sentiment, that he was being truthful and sincere. I also believed the man to be drunk, but he wasn’t. So was he telling the truth about here being no surveillance in the Therapy Zone? I like to think so. But this Number 2 wasn’t the only one to show dissent towards The Village. Number 2 in ‘The General’ told Madam Professor what Number 6 wants is, “What we all want ultimately, to escape.” This was his second term in office, it would be his last as we do not see him again. Number 2 at the end of ‘Free For All’ departed The Village by helicopter, what price Number 2 at the end of ‘The General?” After all the former had not failed, he saw Number 6 was carried right through the election. As for the latter, his second term in office ended in complete disaster. It makes one wonder why such a Number 2 with such manipulative ability should have been given one term in office. When a lesser man who had already failed once, should have been given a second bite of the apple! Perhaps it was a question of time, that he was the only man available at that time. In that case it would have been better had ‘A B and C’ and ‘The General’ been run consecutively and not necessarily in that order!

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