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Wednesday 27 December 2017

The Names Smith – Peter Smith!

    Smith in itself is a common enough name, and John Smith might appear to be even more common, however most common is David Smith. As for Peter Smith, the name chosen by ZM73 appears to be the least common. Trust him to set himself above other commoners! As it is Peter Smith is the name that he gave to Mrs. Butterworth, and when spies use a pseudonym they usually use their first name at least, unless of course you’re John Drake who is known to have used a multitude of assorted names! Its just as well that ZM73’s name wasn’t on the logbook of the Lotus 7, otherwise he might have had to verify his real name, and that would never have done. For reasons of his own he doesn’t like to reveal, or be known by his real name, and that wouldn’t have suited Patrick McGoohan’s purpose at all!

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