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Wednesday 20 December 2017

Village Life!

No.134 “Have you seen anything?”
    No.284 “No, neither have I.”
    “These dark safety glasses don’t help.”
    “Tell me again why we’re wearing them?”
    “For safety.”
    “Well we’re security, they help make us look tough and sinister!”
    “More than that, we’re snowdrops, military police!”
    “How do you work that out?”
    “Well we’re dressed like the snowdrops, so we must be military police.”
    “Do they wear polo helmets then?”
    “We’re wearing polo helmets, not American army helmets.”
    “It’s all the same!”
    “How many hours have we been patrolling these corridors?”
    “Eight long hours, its brain numbing!”
    “We’re due a tea break soon aren’t we?”
    “In about twenty minutes.”
    “Well I’ll be seeing you then. Don’t forget, keep those eyes peeled for anything out of the unusual.”
    {A few moments later}
 “Now that’s unusual for a Wednesday, what’s up mate………...agh!”

Be seeing you

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