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Sunday 24 December 2017

Quote For The Day

    “Number One’s the Boss.”
                         {Number 6 – Free For All}
    Up until ‘Fall Out’ we’re not supposed to know who Number 1 is. Number 1 could have been a man, or a woman, maybe an “it.” But there is absolutely no indication that Number 1 is the alter ego of Number 6 who is keeping him prisoner in The Village. Being his own worst enemy in fact, as he puts himself through a number of ordeals. Up until ‘Fall Out’ Number 1 could have been anyone, and no one. The running of The Village and all it entails left to the decision of one man? What about its administration, did none of them ever meet Number 1? Number 2 in ‘Fall Out’ thought the idea of meeting Number 1 laughable. Number 1 did oversee each Number 2’s activities, and had contact via the telephone, or so we presume. And yet as ‘Fall Out’ is unlike any of the preceding episodes, the same could be said of ‘Dance of The Dead,’ in the way Number 2 uses a teletype to give her reports and by way of receiving instructions. It wouldn’t surprise me that it’s those “masters” we hear about from time to time, those masters back in London, who are the real power behind the Village. After all in The Village Number 1 is just as much a prisoner as anyone, worse when one considers his close confinement. Number 1, unlike so many other citizens, is not permitted to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of The Village. He cannot lounge about attending the regular brass band concerts, or attend Village events like the Arts and Crafts exhibition, or the Village fete, even Appreciation Day went ahead without Number 1. Mind you....he could have attended the Ball in the evening during Carnival, in the guise of Number 6 or anyone wearing a mask! I sometimes think that it doesn’t matter who Number 1 is, because if he is never seen, then to all intents and purposes Number 2 is the boss. After all he or she is the Chairman, the Chief Administrator who oversees the day to day running of The Village, as well as having to deal with Number 6 at the same time!

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