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Sunday 3 December 2017

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    I am sometimes asked what it means, ‘the Prisoner.’ I tell them it means what it is, whatever it is you want it to be. But these are the basic facts, a man who once worked for British Military Intelligence resigns his job. Not being able to simply walk away like that, he’s put on ice in The Village. There he is given the number 6, and put through a number of ordeals in order to test both his physical and mental strength, not to mention his skills and  ingenuity. He survives, he escapes, and at the end he’s just as much a prisoner as he was at the beginning! We are not too sure of the location of The Village, or which department of British Intelligence runs it. Rover is the Guardian but that’s all we know of it. The Village is international, cosmopolitan, Italianate, although it has a mixture of architecture. The language spoken is mostly English, sign posts are also in English.  Now feed those basic facts into the General and get it to figure out all the rest for you!

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