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Sunday 31 December 2017

The Therapy Zone

    Those people sitting on the floor in the Aversion Therapy room in the hospital seen in ‘Arrival,’ I expect they feel much better for that treatment. There they sit dressed in, well I used to think they were sat there wearing pyjamas, or dressing gowns. But then I looked more closely, and the patients appear to be wearing judo outfits, a couple of them black belts!
   I wonder what they are listening to through those headphones? We the television viewer can hear a nursery rhyme tune, ‘Girls and Boys Come Out to play.’ How does that help them with their obsessional guilt complexes? Perhaps it helps cleanse the mind and puts them back to their childhood, these boys and girls. But the blindfolds? They cut off a person’s vision, how that helps with the therapy I don’t know, certainly it would help the patients to concentrate on the nursery rhyme music if that’s what they are listening to. I expect the doctor knows what he’s doing, certainly all the patients seem well relaxed.
    I wonder if one of these people is Number 2? I only ask because of those who appear to be dressed in Judo outfits, some with black belts. Number 2 wore Judo attire, he was also a black belt, that could be him there on the right in the foreground of the picture. Is this how they train for Judo or Karate in The Village then? If it is, it looks like they’ve turned it into a non contact sport! Or perhaps this is a form of relaxing the athletes after physical training, the athletes being in a state of mental excitement that they have to be brought down with the aid of nursery rhyme music. The blind folds are used to cut off the sense of sight, so that they cannot see their former opponents, and so preventing any extended aggression.
   On the other hand this could be part of their training as Judo and Karate athletes, mentally retuning the mind so it is in perfect synchronization with the body. if so, why the nursery rhyme music? Hell I’ve no idea, I’m making this up as I go along!

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