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Friday 29 December 2017

Village Life!

    “I’d like to make a call to.......”
    “What is your number sir?”
    “The number I want it’s
    “Where’s that?”
    “Where’s what?”
London did you say?”
    “Where’s that, is it a local call?”
    “It all depends on where this place is.”
    “What place is that sir?”
    “Why here of course, wherever here is.”
    “Oh you mean The Village.”
    “If that’s where I am. What is its name?”
    “The Village.”
    “Yes, what is its name?”
    “The Village.”
    “Look what’s this place called?”
    “The Village.”
    “Look what exchange is this?”
    “If you want to make a call sir just give me your number.”
    “There isn’t a number on the telephone.”
    “Of course there isn’t, what is it sir?”
    “I just told you........”
    “Look we don’t take kindly to nuisance calls!”
    “Nuisance calls?”
    “If you don’t put that phone down I’ll send a guardian round to that call box!”
    “You can’t!”
    “Why not?”
    “You don’t know what number I’m calling from!”
    “There’s only one call box in The Village, it’s just round from the cafe!”
    “I’ve got news for you, someone’s moved it!”
    “Hello caller are you still there........caller........?”

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