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Saturday 9 December 2017

Citizen No.56

    A forthright and forceful woman, someone you wouldn’t argue against, so it’s easy to see how she came to be Chairwoman of the ladies sub-appeal Committee. In fact its possible to see that it wouldn’t have taken Number 56 long to get on in The Village. Certainly she took an instant dislike to Number 6. She saw that it was far too early to offer Number 6 any help, there being no sign of any contrition from the man. She might be a feminist, judging by the way she defended Number 42, sighting her moral courage, when Number 6 suggested how quickly she had joined the ladies sub Appeal Committee, so soon after having faced the Committee herself, as well as being a member of the social group for being disharmonious. Number 42 certainly gets around!
    Then it came for Number 6’s Instant social Conversion, and he was to have been, well not exactly paraded through the streets to the hospital, more manhandled and dragged there! But that was after Number 6 had been set upon, attacked by the righteous citizens. This Number 56 was most rigorous in the brandishing of her umbrella, and using it to hit Number 6, and with such vigorous veracity, and venom. Number 56 really had it in for Number 6!

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