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Thursday 7 December 2017

A Pair of Six’s!

    Two No.6’s in The Village it doesn’t bear thinking about! I wonder where they found him? He certainly makes for a better No.6 than No.6 does! But since when did No. 6 smoke cigars, and to have his favourite brand delivered to the Village is a privilege, but you never see No.6 smoking, yet his nicotine stained fingers smack of a chain smoker. When the Prisoner first arrived in the Village they took away his name, his very identity and gave him a number. Well if that wasn’t bad enough, they then took away his number, and his identity with it, and gave him new ones, as well as likes and dislikes. I’ve seen the film footage when No.12 went to have breakfast that morning with No.2, pancakes, not flapjacks, had been prepared for him, seeing as it was his favourite dish. Why then did he just break off a piece of pancake and nibble on it, why not tuck in? After all that’s what No.6 had been conditioned to do! The idea of someone going about impersonating No.6 is a good one, but the idea was flawed. Firstly both 6’s should have been wearing the same coloured blazer. No.2 gave No.12 a password Gemini, so that when they got started even he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the pair of 6’s. That’s ridiculous, I had no trouble in distinguishing between the two. Who’s stupid idea was it to change the colour of one of the blazers in the first place? There was a bit of cosmetic surgery required, the removal of the mole on No.6’s left wrist, and the addition of a false one on to the left wrist of No.12. And yet they failed to give him a bruised fingernail, that turned out to be lucky for No.6.
    The idea was to establish No.6’s identity, he certainly doesn’t need to wear a badge to remind him that he is their No.6, where as two-times 6 did wear his numbered badge, this was an error. Did no-one tell him that No.6 never wears a badge, and only does so when it suits him to do so? Mind you No.6 did profess his identity and with some force, “I am Number Six, Number Six, Number Six, Six, Six, Six.” I suppose it’s always the way in a case of identity theft, its always the case that the victim has to prove their identity, and that’s difficult to do when there’s someone going about impersonating you. Shooting,
fencing, even boxing, he’s better than you at all of them. He’s even got your thumb print, how did he manage that? Its science you see, as No.6 said, it can be perverted. So that’s where Alison I mean No.24 comes in, along with that mental link she shares with No.6. It must be very difficult to call out the wrong card four times out of five, No.24 might have called out the correct cards by mistake, had she not known what they are. No.6 of course was helping No.24 with her mind reading act in time for the Village Festival. How that would help her I’m not sure, unless No.6 was going to help 24 with her act at the festival itself. Which to all intents and purposes he did, only there was no mental link, it was staged. Signals passed between No.24 and No.6, just like that time in No.2’s office when No.6 was using 24 to establish his identity. And yet there was a far simpler way, and I’m not talking about the mole on No.6’s left wrist, or the bruise fingernail, but the Polaroid photograph 24 took of No.6. How can a man go about with that photograph of No.6 wearing a dark piped jacket in his pocket, and claim it to be him when he stands there wearing a white blazer? At that point No.6 seemed to have lost any wits he was born with, because that photograph on its own should have disproved No.6’s No.12’s identity, and confirmed the identity of No.6. At that moment this elaborate plan should have failed, but for
some reason it didn’t! No.6 is still struggling with his identity, in fact he’s beginning to crack under the strain, so it won’t be long now! Sometimes in my dreams I’m somebody else “Who?” I don’t know, sometimes in my dreams I’ve resigned my job. “Why did you resign your job in your dream?” Sometimes I’m here in my dreams, then I come back. I wonder now, who am I, why am I here? Why indeed, if someone can’t chuck up a jog things have come to a pretty pass. And as for the reason why the Prisoner resigned his job, he isn’t under any obligation to tell them. But it seems to be important to them for some reason, if only to complete his personal file, well they do like to know everything. But in any case the plan didn’t work, No.6 has a strong sense of identity, and yet sometimes he has luck on his side. Had it not been for that accident with the soda siphon and his bruised fingernail, the General’s plan may have succeeded!        

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