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Wednesday 27 December 2017

Thought For The Day

    The Prisoner, on a psychological level, a mental level in the mind, is in a daily struggle with himself! Outside of The Village, a physical struggle for survival would be ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ who has found herself a worthy opponent in Number 6, and he has found someone he can ultimately beat. And yet in The Village although Number 6 puts himself to the test, both physically and mentally, he can never win because he can never beat himself! But a hero, if Number 6 is seen to be the hero, must have someone to vanquish, and what better purpose for Number 2 than to be the villain of the piece who Number 6 must always be seen to beat! As for the meeting between Number 6 and Number 1, that was something of an anti-climax, a nothing because nothing came of it. Yes Number 6 sealed his alter ego in the nose cone of the rocket, but he was probably still alive at the exact same moment they escaped the Village together. After that, well it’s anyone’s guess. Seeing as its all supposed to begin all over again at the end of ‘Fall Out,’ unless ‘Fall Out’ is where it all begins, then Number 1 is most definitely still alive. It’s Number 6 you see, he can never get the better of himself, because he will not allow himself to!

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