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Saturday 16 December 2017

Village Life!

    No.6 “Mayday, mayday, mayday any station receiving come in please, mayday………… there’s nothing, you sure this is the right frequency?”
    No.58 “I’m certain.”
    “This is a mayday call, this is a mayday call any station receiving come in please……….
     “High there it’s Johnny Drake with top of the morning from radio Jolly Roger, got some fabulous sounds coming to you to speed along those household chores. But first lets take a rain check housewives, I mean Homemakers. One, kettle on should be boiling by now. Two, teapot and necessary standing by, three, feet up cigarettes handy, I’ll tell you the brand later. Four, check that hubby has in fact left, you never know he might still asleep behind that morning newspaper, all ready let’s go with ‘It’s a lie’ the Stormville shakers…….”

   “And you said it was the right frequency!”
   “A catchy song though. Perhaps if we could contact them on the same frequency…..”
   “How would a pirate radio station be of help to us?”
   “………I don’t know. Perhaps they play requests!”

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  1. " I kept thinking the Village was fully equipped. I hate listening to Radio Luxemburg's Kid Jensen and Tony Prince show covertly on the internet telephone. Those were the good old days when we owned a decent radio receiver..."

    1. Hello Arno,
      Those were the days, the days that are gone....... even the pirate radio stations! Not everything today is for the better!

      Best regards