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Friday 1 December 2017

Bureau of Visual Records

   Number 2 once accused Number 6 for being sorry for everybody. But why is Number 6 sorry for winning the election? Isn’t that what he wanted, that if he could become the new Number 2 he could organize a mass breakout. Or at the very least stir up the citizens into a frenzy so that he could escape unnoticed during the confusion! 
    Even so both Number 2 and Number 6 are magnanimous in both defeat and victory. The one thinking his goal is within reach. The other knowing Number 6 has another think coming!
    It is strange, that in victory there is defeat, and in defeat there is victory, and escape depending on how you look at it!
   Don’t be sorry Number 6, even though you played it according to Hoyle, and despite all cards being on the table, the deck was stacked against you, and Number 2 had an ace up his sleeve in the form of Number 58!

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