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Sunday 3 December 2017


    What Are Facts Behind Town Hall?                                 by our own reporter

   What are facts behind Town Hall? Town Hall, Town Council of which No. 6 could have been a member its democratically elected once a year. I realize that Number 6 once stood for election as the new No.2, but that’s not quite the same as being elected onto the Town Council as one of those “brainwashed imbeciles,” that “bunch of tailors dummies” as No.6 described them. Each one of the sub-divided numbers 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 2f, 2g, 2h, 2i, 2j, 2k, 2l each being a former No.2. I suppose technically No.6 could be described as being a former No.2 despite his short term in office, and therefore eligible to hold a position on the Town Council. To become one of those brainwashed imbeciles, being incapable of laughing, crying, or thinking! When No.6 was invited by No.2 to witness the dissolution of the Town Council No.6 was given the opportunity to question them. Little good it did him, perhaps they didn’t like the questions and how they were put. Its is not known how one is elected onto the Town Council, or whether the twelve members of the council actually have a voice. But it should be plain that they represent The Village, and that’s where their immediate allegiances lie. As for whose side are they one, well its not No.6’s! With the dissolution of this Town Council there must be more of those tailors dummies waiting to take their place, and had No.6 been co-opted onto the Town Council, he would have ended up just like one of those brainwashed imbeciles. But it doesn’t matter, because soon the Town Council, together with the democratic process, would be dispensed with. No opposition, no elections, even its best friends agree democracy is remarkably inefficient. So the Town Council chamber having become vacant, was given over to the Board of Education during the educational experiment called Speedlearn. The board was made up of Top Hat administrative officials the Chairman being No.2 who couldn’t take a step forward with Speedlearn until such lectures had been passed by the board. However the destruction of the General brought about a sudden end to the Speedlearn experiment. With the chamber having become vacant for a second time it was then given over to the committee looking into the question of Unmutuals.
   On the face of it there does appear to be three large domed chambers beneath the Town Hall, when in fact there are only two. And yet two extremely deep pits were excavated, the earth then used to landscape the surrounding area that would become The Village, and the underground chambers constructed deep enough for them to have domes placed upon them. The one a Council Chamber, the other the Control Room. There is another domed construction in The Village, the Green Dome, described as No.2’s residence, only No.2 does not live there, it is nothing more than an office. While Number 2 is quartered in a suite of rooms in the Town Hall as seen in ‘Dance of
The Dead,’ such a room is redecorated for each new incumbent No.2. At one time it was decorated in 18th century style.
   Security is key, the Town Hall being secured by electrical force fields because its fussy who it lets in! But once in, the most sensitive areas are protected by checkpoints, these are activated by the use of security pass discs inserted into little black boxes. And yet there are times when the citizens are permitted entry, one time the Town Hall acted as a Polling Station during the local elections. Another time disharmonious citizens are held in the foyer before going before the committee. Top Hat officials of administration who work in the Town Hall are permitted to come and go as required, as are the Control Room personnel, the Supervisors and Observers. Curiously it was during Carnival that a Ball was held in the Town Hall. This is curious as most all other Village events such as the exhibition of arts and crafts and the folk music concert were held in the Recreation Hall. But then Carnival is supposed to be the one day when ordinary citizens may enter the Town Hall. No.2 invited No.6 to go up to the Town Hall {something which No.6 queried as he wasn’t allowed in the day before} No.2 said he may enter that night…...its Carnival. One curiosity regarding the Town Hall, is that a mortuary is located there. This is most unusual, as most mortuaries are located in, or attached to hospitals.
   The Town Hall is the hub of The Village administration from where officials administer every aspect of Village life, decreeing the rules which citizens live by. It is where the General’s office was located, and from where the Professor’s lectures were transmitted via The Village television station. It’s corridors of power are patrolled by “Snowdrops,” military policemen, it could be said that he who holds the Town Hall holds The Village!

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