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Tuesday 26 March 2019

60 Seconds With XO4?

   “Anyone at home?”
   The man looks up from his newspaper having been caught during his elevenses.
   “I wonder if I can ask you a few questions?”
   The man stares blankly at the two men in his office.
   “We contribute to The Tally Ho, and this is my photographic colleague.”
   The man continues to stare blankly.
   “Is it possible to tell us why ZM73 resigned?”
   The man toys with his pen.
   “You did read his letter of resignation?”
   The man looks up again, and says nothing.
   “If you could give me a hint, that would be something, is that possible?”
   The man just sits there.
   “You couldn’t say.”
   The man doesn’t even blink!
   “How was his mood at the time, was he pleased to hand in his letter of resignation, happy, angry, what was his mood?”
    The man simply stares ahead.
    “You couldn’t tell, his mood was nondescript perhaps?”
    The man continues to toy with his pen.
    “Don’t give much away to you?”
    The man’s lips remained closed.
    “Well thank you for being so helpful! No don’t get up, we can show ourselves out. I can see we’ve disturbed you too much already.”
    The man picks up the receiver of the pink telephone and makes a call to………

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