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Monday 18 March 2019

Bureau of Visual Records

    It’s a bomb, that’s it, it must be a bomb! But it wasn’t a bomb at all, it was what it looked like, a Cuckoo clock. Where did Number 2 imagine Number 6 would get a bomb from? Number 2 did say in Dance of The Dead that she would warn the doctor when Number 6 puts a bomb in his lovely hospital. And there is a bomb in the next episode, It’s Your Funeral, so it is possible to lay one’s hands on explosives in the village. If you know the right people of course. I imagine the Watchmaker-Number 51 thought Number 100 had come by the explosive by foul means. Not a bit of it, I expect the interim Number 2 gave it to him!
    There is a film called Mark of the Phoenix in which the actor Martin Miller {Number 51 the Watchmaker} plays a silversmith. Whenever I watch the film I cannot help but think of that silversmith being the same character as the watchmaker.
    But of course Number 2 is put under no illusions about the bomb scare, there was no bomb threat, no explosive, it was merely a bomb scare. But it made for a good practice drill, just in case the real thing ever happened. I expect the new Number 2 in It’s Your Funeral called out bomb disposal to remove the bomb from around his head and shoulders!

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