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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Many Happy Returns No.6!

   Today our friend Number 6 is unceremoniously returned to the village. After all that time and effort, the village is just as though he never left! I didn’t think he would have been in so much of a hurry to return there.

    The amenities are restored to his cottage, the coffee is brewing, and Mrs. Butterworth {Number 2} keeps her promise by providing a cake if he didn’t forget to come back, and he came back. But then there wasn’t any other place for him to go! It’s as Number 2 says in Dance of the Dead, “He’ll, eventually go back to his room, it’s the only place he can ever go,” and that’s as true in London as it is in the village. Mind you Number 6 is far better off in the village, at least he has a home, and he’ll be looked after for as long as he lives. Mind you it might be a little embarrassing for him when he’s forced to pay that I.O.U he wrote on the counter in the General Stores!
    It’s no good looking up at the sky Number 6, the jet aircraft is long gone, on its way to be ditched somewhere at sea by the pilot! Never mind, tomorrow’s another day, when there’ll be a carnival atmosphere in the village, which appears to be underway already, seeing as the final shot of this episode appears 8 minutes into the next episode Dance of the Dead!

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