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Sunday 3 March 2019

The Therapy Zone

    It is a question which is insoluble for man or machine, which should it be A B and C followed by The General, or vice versa? I was contacted by someone who has read my book The Prisoner Dusted Down regarding my screening order. He put it that;
     “A B and C has to come before The General as it is in the screening order, otherwise why would they allow the return of a failed Number 2. I don’t think The General followed by A B and C would have been right because it would not have given the perception which I and I think a lot of folk think that Colin Gordon was given the chance to reprieve himself in A B and C.”
    Whichever way you have it, to accomplish it one has to ignore certain lines of dialogue such as in The General when Number 2 tells Madam Professor that he and Number 6 are old friends, and that during the opening sequence he says I am the new Number 2, where as in A B and C he says he is Number 2. However there is another factor to take into consideration, whether the educational experiment of Speed Learn is more important than extracting the reason behind Number 6’s resignation. In my book it has to be Speed Learn. After all if the experiment had been a success it would have had global implications which I would have thought would weigh heavier against why Number 6 resigned his job.
   So seeing as it was Number 6’s intervention which brought about the destruction of the General, why not allow Number 2 to have a chance to redeem himself by extracting the reason behind Number 6’s resignation, and reeking a little revenge at the same time. Of course the one problem being, is that this particular Number 2 {who is my second favourite} isn’t as quick witted as Number 6, and allows himself to be out manoeuvred not once, but twice! And there are few Number 2’s who can claim that.
   And it would be logical to run The General and A B and C consecutively, otherwise why bring a failed Number 2 back to the village for a second term. I realize that there is another Number 2 who was brought back for Once Upon A Time, but the failure of The Chimes of Big Ben was not his.
   As for the headline of The Tally Ho “Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?” that relates to his health more than his ability. And if one counts both The General and A B and C as one term, then depending on the answer, Colin Gordon might have gone on to appear in three episodes!

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