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Monday 4 March 2019

Village Life!

    “You’re quiet this morning.”
    “You would be quiet if you were me!”
    “I’m glad I’m not, not if I have to be as quiet as you!”
    “And I wish you were!”
    “I’d be careful what I wish for if I were you.”
    “No you wouldn’t!”
    “Why what’s up?”
    “There’s a meeting of the Board of Education this morning at
ten thirty.”
    “Oh that Speed Learn experiment. So you’re sitting on the board are you?”
    “Number Two is dead keen on driving the experiment through, I’ve never seen him so enthusiastic.”
    “He must be relived I guess.”
    “That he wasn’t brought here to extract the reason behind Number 6’s resignation.”
    “He’ll be the first who wasn’t.”
    “What do you think of this Speed Learn thing?”
    “Its bound to end in disaster.”
    “How so?”
    “No more tedious learning by rote. No need for schools, colleges, and universities. So teachers, lecturers, professors, and the entire educational network become obsolete and unemployed over night!”
    “We’re due another lecture soon aren’t we?”
    “Yes from Number Two, and his side-kick Number Twelve!”
    “What think you of Speed Learn?”
    “I don’t think anything of it.”
    “You’re not one of the Professor’s students?”
   “How do you manage that?”
   “I sit with my back to the television!”
   “I do that when
Coronation Street is on.”
   “I never miss Man In A Suitcase though.”
   “Neither do I.”
   “I like the way McGill has something in common with John Drake.”
   In unison “The way McGill and John Drake worked for Intelligence, at times they had the same boss, they both lived in London, and they were eventually forced to resign.”
    “You mean McGill could have turned out to be Number Six instead of Drake, and Drake could have ended up working as an unlicensed private detective for £300 per week plus expenses.”
    “Now there’s a thought. I’m surprised McGill hasn’t been brought to the village.”
    “Do you think McGill would be able to escape the Village?”
    “No, but like Number 6 he would never give up trying!”
    “What have you got on this morning?”
    “A special mission to
   “Well don’t forget his suitcase, McGill never goes anywhere without it!”

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