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Saturday 2 March 2019

The Day After!

    The day after, or what we assume to be the day after the episode of The Schizoid Man, Number 6 is seen sat at a table at the Café. This is the new Café facility instigated by, and is one of Number 2’s accomplishments. Number 6 asks the waiter for another coffee. The waiter apologizes but the Café is closing, didn’t Number 6 hear the announcement about the Professor. But Number 6 is not one of his students. Mind you you’re never too old to learn sir. Who told the waiter that, the Professor? No, the General! The General? If Number 6 has not heard of either the Professor or the General, where has he been all this time? After all the educational experiment of Speed Learn has had to have been going for a long time, seeing as students are already taking the 3 part history course! So exactly how much time has passed between the end of The Schizoid Man and the beginning of The General? Its difficult to say isn’t it, days, weeks, months. And the day after the General has been destroyed, what then? Was that the complete end of the Speed Learn experiment? And if it was, how did the students react once the Professor’s lectures stopped? Perhaps the students behaved as though the lectures had never taken place. As for Madam Professor, she was destined to live out the rest of her widowed days living an existence in the village. So no more lectures, and possibly no further art seminars!

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