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Friday 8 March 2019


    Why page 6? I bet it’s because of that Number 6, people seem to put him on a pedestal, I don’t know why people think he’s so special. Mustn’t damage the tissue, don’t want to damage him permanently. No extreme measures to be used yet! Mustn’t damage him permanently say our masters! I don’t want a man of fragments! Why not Number 9, no not 9, what about page 8…….. perhaps not, 8 is hardly a reliable number because 8 betrays 6. Number 113c, he’s pretty inoffensive, the identical twin to 113b, and both share the same sub-divided number with Number 113. Why when 113 bears no resemblance to 113b an 113c, but perhaps it’s through the job, they all work for The Tally Ho and are responsible for spreading mis- propaganda, or fake news! Mind you there is something peculiar about the number 113, although we do not know what happened to the Tally Ho reporter 113 might it not be that he passed on to the grave? After all twice 113 was an old woman in a wheelchair one of whom no longer existed because she died!
    What about a page 7, ah, there is no 7 in the village, well not that you’d notice! I can think of a long list of numbers which are unsuited to be the number of this page 2-8-9-10-14-16-20-22-24-29-40-86-240 to number but a few. Number 14-Alison perhaps, she did say that she wouldn’t betray Number 6 if she was given a second chance, but then why betray him in the first place? May be The Rook had a decent enough number 53, his only mistake was to put to Number 6 his own test, so he’s not 100 percent reliable. There is always Number 12, no I don’t mean that chap who goes around masquerading as Number 6, I mean Number 12 who was a dissident and aided Number 6 in bringing about the destruction of the General, and he tried to save the Professor’s life, at the price of his own. And that brings me to Madam Professor, although like her husband she didn’t have a number. Come to think of it they were not forced to wear village attire either! She seemed a decent enough woman, but of course this page cannot be called after her, no number! It’s difficult to try and think of a half decent number in the village. Perhaps you the reader can name a number who is not out for themselves, who doesn’t cause trouble and harm to others. I suppose Number 6 isn’t so bad really, he does help other citizens from time to time, and he can be a kind person at times. And he appears too moral, perfect with no faults, and that makes him too good to be true!

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