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Wednesday 20 March 2019

The Man In The Mirror

    I wonder what kind of morning it is.........oh sunshine, bet there’ll be showers later, there’s always a warning of intermittent showers later in the day. Unless the spell of fine weather is due to continue for another month that is. Right coffee on, time for a shower and a shave.............Who do you think you’re looking at, can’t a man shave in privacy? There I am, looking in the mirror and talking to myself! That they say it is the first sign of madness, well why not, after all this place is like a blessed madhouse! After coffee and toast I’ll take a walk around The Village, get a little exercise, and fresh always go for a walk after breakfast, exercise and fresh air! I stopped shaving, and stood there staring into the mirror. It was my face staring back at me, but he winked! What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?.......I didn’t say, I did. You? Yes me. But you are me! Yes, and you are me mores the pity. I’m talking to myself again. No, you are talking to me, as I am now talking to you. I am your other self. My other self? Not quick off the mark are you? But it’s not possible. I tell you also what’s not possible, for me to step out of this mirror! But you.......stepped out of the mirror, yes. What now? Well now things have become unbalanced. Unbalanced? Yes, you see there are now two of us this side of the mirror, and one of us has to go back, guess which one of us that’s going to be? No, you can’t mean....... Sorry but I do.
    A vicious fight takes place tables are over turned, table lamps broken on the floor the room smashed.
    I lay upon the floor, staring at the one thing left......the mirror. I’ll smash the mirror and then neither of us can go back. I can’t allow you to do that. I made a dash for the mirror, he tripped me up and I fell headlong through the mirror! I stared back at myself, I was smiling. There wouldn’t be much to smile about, not once he had opened the cottage door and taken a step out into the village! That was a shock I can tell you, for him. He thought he was free of the mirror, but now he’s a prisoner in the village! I turned away and walked into the darkness that is the mirror. Now let’s see how he gets on resisting the machinations of Number 2!

Be seeing you

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