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Sunday 10 March 2019

Television Transmission!

   Speed Learn is the result of the General’s prolific knowledge. Its basis is the confidence of the students in a tried and trusted Professor, and the Professor’s confidence in science. The miniaturized course can be projected through the sublimator at a speed thousands of times faster than the eye can record. It is imposed directly onto the cortex of the brain, and with occasional boosts is virtually indelible.
   The Professor’s miniaturized lectures are transmitted through the sublimator via the village television station, and the citizen’s television sets. We see televisions in 6 Private for example, and in a room where members of the committee, as well as members of the medical staff, sit watching a television in what appears to be someone’s study as Number 6 undergoes the operation known as Instant Social Conversion.
    So when the announcement is made for students who are taking the three part history course to return to their dwellings, they, like Number 6 will be sat in front of their televisions while that 3 year history course is imposed directly onto the cortex of the brain. But
what about Number 2? He called on Number 6 looking for the Professor’s tape recorder. When Number 2 asked Number 6 if he enjoyed the lecture, the reply was “What lecture?” To demonstrate that there had in fact been a lecture Number 2 asks Number 6 “When was the treaty of Adrianople?” Without thinking Number 6 gives the correct answer “September 1892.” “What happened in 1830?” “Greek independence was assured and guaranteed.” “By whom?” “Russia, France, and Britain.” And when asked “Who was Prince Christian of Gluksburg?” Number 6 gives another correct answer, and is eventually joined in unison word for word by Number 2. So where was this three part history course imposed directly onto the cortex of his brain? Perhaps through the large wall screen in his office, which would presuppose the wall screen is linked to the television station. And the same might be said of the wall screen in the Control Room, with the Supervisor and his staff all being educated as they stare at the wall screen. And what about those students who are not taking that 3 year history course, obviously they didn’t return to their dwellings after having heard the announcement. And for those who are not one of the Professor’s students? Well they look away from the television during his lectures!
   Speed Learn is where people can receive an education in certain subjects within the comfort of their own homes, rather like The Open University, only through Speed Learn it doesn’t take a life-time to achieve a University degree!

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