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Thursday 28 March 2019

A Favourite Scene In Hammer Into Anvil

    Number 2 had Number 6 brought to his office for questioning, he wanted to talk to him about the girl, who Number 6 saw Number 2 as having murdered! So you must be anvil of hammer, and having threatened Number 6 at the point of his blade, that he is going to hammer him, the curved red over-sized telephone began to bleep.
    “Number Two………..yes sir…yes sir everything is under control….no sir, no problems……..assistance…….no, no sir I can manage……..yes sir of course…….be seeing you.”
    Well that telephone call certainly cut Number 2 down to size, you can see his attitude change. The way he draws himself up when he realizes he’s speaking to Number 1, and you see his expression change when he tells Number 1 that there are no problems. As to the question of assistance, Number 2 already had an assistant Number 14. It’s just a pity Number 2 didn’t place more trust in him! So what made Number 1 make that call in the first place? Perhaps he had been watching that interrogation session, and felt Number 2 had overstepped the mark with Number 6, so he stepped in himself to disrupt the interview!

Be seeing you

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