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Monday 18 March 2019

Press And Find Out!

    We know who Number 6 is, and 2b and 2d are members of the town council, subdivided Number 2’s. But who might the subdivided 6h be?
    And there is always something in the Prisoner to keep you off guard, like the way Number 6 attempts to escape by boat, only to be thwarted by the membranic Guardian, much in the same way as in ‘Arrival’ when he was attempting to escape in a Mini-Moke, and left unconscious on the beach. In this case Number 6 does jump overboard into the water, but he must be left high and dry on the beach at some point. Because by the time the ambulance appears the tide has gone out. Which means when the medics reach the unconscious body of Number 6, the scene would be much like it was that time in ‘Arrival!’

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