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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Quote For The Day

    “We have a saying here, a still tongue makes a happy life.”
                              {Number 240 – Dance of The Dead}
    My wife and I sat watching a 1947 film called Its Always Rains On Sunday, and a phrase said by a Police officer detective sergeant  Fothergill {Jack Warner} made my ears prick up. He was talking to a thief who went by the name of “Dicey,” the detective sergeant used the phrase “A still tongue makes a wise head.” It is a proverb, meaning
if you are wise, you do not talk very much You should only speak when you have judged that it is appropriate to do so. Don't chatter about whatever comes to your mind. For example on the chessboard Number 6 asks Number 8 who is Number 1? She does not answer him, perhaps Number 6 needs to learn a still tongue makes a wise head. Although it is not a complete village saying, I thought it worthy of note.

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