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Thursday 14 March 2019


    “Watch the film last night?”
    “What the Great Escape, I did as it happens.”
    “Did it give you any ideas?”
    “Ideas?” Well I’m not ready to rush the wire yet if that’s what you mean!”
    “No, for escape.”
    “Escape? There’s no escaping the village! Hey you’re not thinking of digging a tunnel are you?”
    “No of course not.”
    “Well I haven’t got a motor cycle if that’s what you’re thinking.”
    “And there’s no barbed wire fence to dig under.”
    “We could put the Goons to sleep.”
    “What like in the film?”
    “We don’t do anything. We behave ourselves, give the impression of settling down and joining in…….”
    “That’s jamming!”
    “Is it?”
    “Yes, jammers don’t do anything, well if they do it’s to lay down non-existent plans in order to confuse the Observers.”
    “………Yes, well, we’ll do that.”
    “And after that?”
    “We escape when the Observers are least expecting it!”
    “Well we’ll…….. I don’t know!”
    “I’ve been reading a book called The Count of Monte Cristo.”
    “What’s it about?”
    “This chap Edmond Dantès gets put in prison, the Château d'If, a grim island fortress off
Marseilles. Eventually he encounters a fellow prisoner, Abbé Faria, who goes on to educate Dantès in all kinds of things. He eventually escapes Château d'If……..”
    “How, he had a plan?”
    “The old man, Abbé Faria, dies. Two jailers stitch the corpse up in a weighted sail cloth. Then distracted for a few minutes allows Dantès to unstitch the sail cloth, then using the tunnel between the two cells he, puts the old man in his cell, while he stitches himself up in the sail cloth. Then he’s chucked from the top of the cliffs into the sea.”
    “And that’s your plan is it? To wait until someone dies, tie yourself up in cloth, and get yourself chucked over the cliffs and into the sea!”
    “No of course not. It just goes to show that you don’t need an over complicated plan to try and escape this place!”
    “So what are you going to do?”
    “I’m going to hide in a dustbin!”
    “Well when they collect the dustbins I’ll get chucked out with the rubbish!”
    “Don’t make me laugh!”

    “Supervisor I can’t find Number Seven.”
    1st Observer “What do you mean you can’t find him!”
    “I’ve looked everywhere.”
    “Well look again!”
    “I’ve looked again.”
    2nd Observer “Supervisor.”
    “Yes what is it?”
    “I’ve been reviewing last night’s surveillance footage.”
    “I’ve film footage of Number Seven climbing into a dustbin!”
    “What? Orange alert!”
    “Too late sir. The dustcart picked up all the dustbins early this morning.”
    “Then Number Seven………..”
    “Yes sir, he’s somewhere on the landfill site!”
    “I wonder who is going to inform Number Two?”
    “It looks like you are, you’re the Supervisor!”
    “He’s not going to like this!”

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