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Monday 18 March 2019

In The Village!

    “No extreme measures to be used yet!” That’s what Number 2 said when he was making his report to…….to, well it doesn’t seem as though he’s speaking to anyone. He doesn’t have the ‘L’ shaped telephone to his ear, he appears to be using it as a Dictaphone. Perhaps someone is recording Number 2’s report and will type it up later and add it to Number 6’s file.
    So if Number 6 doesn’t come over with the goods, being the reason behind his resignation, when will these so called extreme measures against him actually begin?
    I wonder what events of any particular episodes could be said to be extreme? Taking away the man’s identity and giving him a number could be deemed extreme, as well as having him abducted to the village in the first place!
    The Chimes of Big Ben, not extreme I should have thought.
    A b and C that was a pretty extreme measure taken by Number 2, to have an untried drug proved on Number 6. Especially when he questioned why only three doses of Number 14’s new wonder drug. Three were dangerous enough, a fourth would have killed him!
   Free For All, no, dugs have been used on Number 6 before. It’s just that they went to an awful lot of trouble for no return.
    The Schizoid Man, I don’t see this as extreme because it’s not half as difficult as they could have made it!
    The General, well it never involved Number 6, not until he involved himself. So this episode doesn’t count!
    Many Happy Returns on the other hand is extreme, and very, very dangerous not just for Number 6 but also Number 2. Why such extreme measures just to demonstrate that escape is not possible. That no matter where he goes, they will get him in the end!
    Dance of The Dead, that room in Number 6’s cottage is the only place he can ever go after the events of the previous episode, it’s his only home now!
    Number 6 put on trial for the crime of possessing a radio, and sentenced to death, that’s a bit extreme isn’t it?
    Checkmate, the only extreme practise was against the Rook, not Number 6. Mind you just like her medical predecessor Number 40, Number 23 would dearly have liked to know Number 6’s breaking point. But Number 2 dare not let this doctor loose on Number 6, he’s far too important!
    Hammer Into Anvil, Number 2 is a professional sadist according to Number 6. Number 2 has no instructions as far as Number 6 is concerned. As for Number 1, he seems happy enough to let them both be at each other’s throats. He might have found it an interesting exercise, maybe that’s why he didn’t stop Number 6’s jamming escapades!
    It’s Your Funeral, certainly an extreme measure but not against Number 6 personally, but against the community. To purge the village of all malcontents of which Number 6 is “top of the bill.” So does that mean to get rid of public enemy Number 6 in the process of that purge? Somehow me’ thinks not!
    A Change of Mind, this isn’t an extreme measure against Number 6 even if it does look like it on the face of it. They dare not take a chance of operating on Number 6, not to dislocate the aggressive frontal lobes {a lobotomy} they might lose him, understand what I mean? Lose him!
    Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, extreme in the extreme, such is the desire for those behind the village to locate Doctor Joseph Seltzman. It’s just unfortunate for Number 6 that he was the last to have any contact with Seltzman! And for the first time he needs the village just as much as the village needs him!
    Living In Harmony, now they try to break Number 6! Using hallucinatory drugs and microphones in an early form of virtual reality! Is this not an extreme measure, it would seem not, as this is Number 8’s special technique which has been used on previous subjects, what’s more it has always worked. But not this time. Perhaps they still have to learn that any such plan involving Number 6 never works!
    The Girl Who Was Death, not so much an extreme measure, more an act of scraping the bottom of the barrel seeing as they have run out of ideas with which to try and extract the reason behind Number 6’s resignation!
    Once Upon A time, this is now an extreme measure, because it has to be either one of them, Number 2 or Number 6 who walks out of the Embryo Room! One week, one teeny-weeny week, and Number 2 brought it upon himself!
    Fall Out, one last desperate throw of the dice, and one final extreme measure, the offer made to Number 6 of ultimate power. It was a chance they had to take, but it’s just as well Number 6 didn’t take up their offer. But then he had been Number 1 all the time!

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