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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Citizen No.2

    He must have been a very well-liked Number 2 if the Exhibition of Arts and Crafts is anything to judge by. What I mean is so many of the village citizens chose Number 2 as a subject to paint, model in clay, sculpt, even characterise a little. And there are a great many artistic people living in the village.  Number 6 of course went his own way, and was described as their very own Epstein, seeing as he chose a piece of abstract art. And yet he was not the only one.
    So how did Number 2 becomes such a popular character in the village? After all the only time we see him there is when he’s in the Recreation Hall. He was seen in the Control Room a couple of times, but that doesn’t mean he walked there through the village. He would have used the underground tunnel from beneath the Green Dome. It seems this Number 2 would mix with the average citizen. But then again he was once upon a time one of them, having one day woken up amongst them. But he was not a trained agent, trained to resist interrogation techniques. He said himself how deplorable it was that he held out for so short a time. That was not his fault, but a tribute to their methods!

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