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Friday 8 March 2019

Thought for The Day

    Number 6 is all alone aboard his raft in the Atlantic Ocean, he set sail on February 22nd. Alone during the long days, and alone during the even longer nights. He’s out there now if you care to think about him, managing to get four hours sleep out of each twenty-four. When Number 6 is asleep, if he is actually asleep and not just dozing, who is steering the raft? He has no drift anchor to hold his course against tide, wind, and currents. What a time he must be having, cold, no hot food, only cold food out of tins. Anyway I have spared him a thought, that man all alone on a small raft in a very big ocean. Cold, tired, it won’t be long before he begins to suffer from exposure and exhaustion. He could collapse at any moment!

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