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Sunday 24 March 2019

In The Village!

    In The Village they do not even let you rest in peace, they resuscitate you, they reanimate you, because Number 2 went wrong. More than that he went and gone rogue! Number 6 may well have been to The Village before, and while he was here he was turned, then released back into the outside world to carry on the good work. But something went wrong, he resigned his job! That wasn’t part of the plan at all, no, one of their agents had gone wrong. What’s more he was going to do a runner, so they had to get to him first, then bring him back to the village so that they could discover what had gone wrong. First why did he resign? And it was the same with Number 2, he had gone rogue, he didn’t die though, his heart had given out under the strain. So he had to be resuscitated in order to discover what had gone wrong with this Number 2. After all back in the Embryo Room Number 2 was heard to admit that he was beginning to like Number 6, and that would not do at all. Relationships between any Number 2 and prisoners were not allowed. But things would get worse, because not only had Number 2 turned on and bitten the hand that feeds, but he would eventually spit in Number 1’s electronic eye! The sign of a true rebel, a man who has seen the light ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha {laughing like Leo McKern}.

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