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Sunday 24 March 2019


A Breakdown In Control!

by our own reporter
  Life here in the Village doesn’t seem to have suited this particular No.2. Right from the beginning he saw enemies everywhere, even though he didn’t know who they were. He saw how everyone was conspiring against him. His assistant No.14 was kept at arms length, seeing him as not being completely trustworthy when it mattered. He guarded himself to the point that he smuggled into the Village his sword shooting stick, such was his need for self-preservation!
   He was described as being a sadist, a murderer. He was certainly paranoid, mentally he was deficient, fragile, a weak link in the chain of command waiting to be broken. His behaviour was not that of a man in control of himself let alone of the Village. No.2 didn’t like his authority questioned “Don’t tell me what to do!” “Do you want to sit in this chair?” he barked at the head of psychiatrics, who he asked if he was preparing a report on No.2’s mental health. He wasn’t at the time, but I bet he was after that interview with No.2!
   No.2 allowed No.6 to run rings around him, questioning security in the Village, the suggestion of a secret message on one of the six records. It took No.2 most of the morning to discover there was nothing hidden on any of the records! Then a  fake message to XO4, then No.6 left an envelope containing blank sheets of paper in the Stone Boat. But No.2 was convinced there was something written on those sheets of paper, words, figures……That caused the two laboratory technicians to work through the best part of the night to discover that all they were, were blank sheets of paper. They tried everything, the density test, the fumes test, lemon juice, heating each sheet of paper over a hot flame. No.6 then turned to other ways to mix things up for No.2, via a telephone call, and a visit to the bandstand where he had a word with the leader of the Brass Band. “A request you say?” No.2 wanted to know what else No.6 had said to him, but No.6 didn’t say anything else, but No.2 didn’t believe that, he saw it as a plot, everyone going behind his back! He then turned on the Supervisor-No.26, and removed him from his position pledging that he would break the conspiracy against him!
    “There is more harm in the village than is dreamt,” this was a warning to No.2, it came to him through a message in the personal column of The Tally Ho. The originator of the message was No.6, and No.2 set his dog onto him, the dog in the guise of No.14, who said he would like to “dust” No.6 down, that he’d really enjoy it. Pity he couldn’t live up to his promise, pity No.6 didn’t dunk 14 into the tank of water! Later there was a bomb scare, a Cuckoo clock had been left at the door of the Green Dome. No.2 was scared witless, and had the bomb disposal team deployed. The Cuckoo clock was carefully dismantled, to find that the only Cuckoo in the Village was No.2! Later No.6 was observed in the mangrove walk, making for either the shore or the hills. He was observed to be carrying a large wooden box. Having caught a pigeon, No.6 attempted to send a message to someone outside of the Village. However the new Supervisor No.66 was not a man to be outdone. He deployed the Village’s electronic defence system, the Beam. At the setting of hellfire, which was the Supervisor’s only mistake, the pigeon would have been burned to a crisp and the message destroyed with it. No.2 intervened and ordered the Beam to be set at minimum strength. That stunned the pigeon, and was quickly located because at the time of the Beam’s activation they had the pigeon tracked on radar.
   “Pat-a-cake pat-a-cake bakers man, bake me a cake as fast as you can!” It’s a new code and the computer’s not programmed for it! Well in that case try a spot of heliographing! Who was No.6 heliographing? Well its obvious isn’t it? There was noting at sea, no ships, not even an aircraft or helicopter in the air. As for sonar there was nothing coming through, so no submarine! But No.6 must have been signalling to someone. He was, but No.2 was blind to it!
   No.6’s activities had not gone unnoticed by certain citizens of this community, and very soon after there came a spate of so called “jamming” activities, as citizens followed No.6’s example. They call it jamming because their nonexistent plans simply jam up the works of the Village administration!

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