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Sunday 24 March 2019

Citizen 113c

   If the newspaper reporter for The Tally Ho is Number 113, and his photographic colleague is 113b, then it stands to reason that the Tally Ho vender should be Number 113c. Mind you had Number 113 not told Number 6 who he was, and who his photographic colleague is we wouldn’t know. Because neither of these three men actually wear their numbered badge! Also not only are 113b and 113c identical twins, but they are dressed exactly the same as identical twins usually are, until they begin to grow and develop their own identities, and no longer care to look like each other. Indeed if it wasn’t for the fact that 113b waves back from a distance while 113c is operating The Tally Ho dispenser you might think they are one and the same. But this isn’t the first time we have encountered identical twins in the village, and it will not be the last. Doppelgangers, twins, look-a-likes, dress-a-likes, all to be found in the village.
   It might be that a person in the village doesn’t wear his number for one reason or another, and there are several of those. But for three people not to wear the same subdivided number is something of a rarity. Also one further observation, curiously Number 113c’s blazer is buttoned up, without actually being buttoned up!

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