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Saturday 2 March 2019


    It’s strange how No.6 prefers his own company to that of his fellow citizens, well at least as far as his private gymnasium is concerned, which gives the impression that he has turned his back on the community. And yet once he has been denounced as being disharmonious he feels hard done by, especially when he is pronounced as unmutual. Then he really is on his own, as the community turns its back on him!
   There is a saying, birds of a feather flock together and the observation is made when Number 6 is in the woods feeling the affect of isolation and real loneliness. Because to the citizens of the village Number 6 is merely citizen Number 6, someone to be tolerated, and if necessary shaped to fit. You’ll recall that aptitude test, the round peg in the square hole that did reshape itself so to make the round peg, Number fit. But symbolically that suggests it’s the village which is prepared to change to make Number 6 fit in!

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