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Saturday 30 March 2019

Cobb's Funeral

    The cortege for Cobb’s funeral in ‘Arrival’ is made up with the brass band, a hearse {a taxi but fitted with a black and white striped canopy} towing a Red Cross trailer carrying the coffin followed by a Top Hat official from Administration, a group of citizens with open black umbrellas and finally the lone figure following on behind, Number 9. The original script for ‘Arrival’ however describes the funeral procession slightly differently. “the funeral procession. Headed by the village ambulance. In it a coffin. Immediately behind it “ROVER”. Its flashing light covered by a black material –then No.2—Followed by the brass band. Finally, a group of citizens carrying open black umbrellas.”
    I find it somewhat amusing to think that ROVER MK1 was originally to have been the chief mourner, with that black cloth draped over its flashing blue light, suggests to me of an old woman at a funeral wearing a black shawl, and at the same time would have looked rather stupid!

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  1. I imagine this Kind of funeral celebration was a single time event for Number 6, but I wonder how regular such events would have been otherwise.

    1. Hello Jana,
      Yes, simply for the benefit of Number 6.