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Monday 25 March 2019

The Numbers Game!

   In an episode of ‘War and Peace’ Count Pierre Bezukhov believes his and Napoleons destiny’s are inextricably linked, and that he is destined to kill Napoleon according to numerology. He achieves his goal by lining up the French alphabet alongside a list of numbers. Pierre thinks it is his duty to “put an end to the power of the beast that was Napoleon”. Pierre clearly isn’t thinking very logically, especially considering the manipulation of word order and spelling required to get to this point.
    So what’s that got to do with ‘the Prisoner’ I hear you ask? Well if you give me a moment I’ll tell you. I have read that its possible to derive the identity of JD {John Drake} using the code name ZM73, and so I decided that I would make an attempt, and so I arrived at the following formulae;

Z   =    26
M  =    13
73 =    73
Total 112

J =    10
D =     4
Total 14

Divide 112 by 8 {you arrive at 8 by adding the Prisoner’s number 6 and the number 2 together as at one time 6 was Number 2}

112 divided by 8 = 14

Divide 14 by 1 = 14   {as 6 is also 1}

The total sum adds up to 14

J =    10
D =     4
Total =14

   Just like Pierre Bezukhov there has had to be a certain amount of manipulation in the creation of this formulae. And yet it is not to be taken seriously, its meant as just a piece of fun. After all, one can manipulate the figures to arrive at almost anything if the desire is there.
   Does anyone reading this have their own ideas on this subject, just for fun of course!

See you soon

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