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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Quote For The Day

   Mark Gatiss is an English actor, comedian, screenwriter and novelist. His work includes writing for and acting in the TV series Doctor Who, Sherlock, and The Crooked House. He is the guest editor of the Radio Times July 22nd – 28th 2017. In an articles edited by Andrew Collins, Mark said of Colin Gordon “I simply adore him. He was No.2 in the Prisoner twice and spent his career playing weak-willed establishment men who always looked like they had ulcers.”

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6 of The Best!

   To select 6 favourite scenes in ‘the Prisoner’ for me proved to be an easy task. From having written about my favourite scenes on my blog all I had to do was select 6 of my best.

1, Hammer Into Anvil.’
   In ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ after Number 2 and Number 14 have retrieved the large white envelope from the main cabin of the Stone Boat, left there by Number 6 only a few minutes before.
   Upon returning to his office Number 2 is already beginning to tear open the envelope, even before he’s hardly put a foot into his office. Number 14 is present at this time, and is probably as eager to learn what the envelope contains as Number 2 is. However………
    “I shan’t need you any more Fourteen, you can go.”
    “But I thought…”
    “Don’t……..just obey orders.
    “Yes sir.”
    Number 2 puts his hand into the envelope. But he pauses, there is an expression of expectation, perhaps anticipation on his face, as he is about to discover what the envelope contains………blank sheets of paper! In fact four blank sheets of foolscap paper. He telephones the laboratory, Number 253 answers the telephone and is summoned to Number 2’s office. Upon his arrival Number 2 hands Number 253 the blank sheets of paper. He wants them tested immediately. The laboratory technician looks puzzled.     
    “For what?”
    “Anything. Words, figures, whatever’s written on them.”
    There doesn’t appear to be anything written on them, but Number 2 is not a man to be argued with! He tells Number 253 that there is, a message of some kind.
   “Try everything. X-ray, infra-red, what are you staring at?”
   “Then get on with it!” Number 2 barks out.
   Two laboratory technicians work together in order to establish what is written on the four sheets of foolscap paper. They try everything, but to no avail, the result of all the tests is negative. Number 242 suggests that they put the sheets of paper through the tests again. But there’s no point, they have tried everything, Number 2 isn’t going to like this.
   Back in Number’s office.
   “I’m sorry sir, but there’s nothing” Number 253 reports.
   “Nothing, nothing at all?”
   “No sir. They’re just blank sheets of paper.”
   Number 2 snatches the sheets of paper out of 253’s hands “They can’t be! Why should he hide blank sheets of paper in the Stone Boat, or are you hiding something?”
   “What do you mean sir?”
   “I mean was there a message here and you’re not telling me.”
   “Why should I do that sir?”
   “Perhaps you’re in with him!”
   “In with whom?”
   “Six, Number Six.”
   Number 253 looks puzzled.
   “Oh you don’t know what I’m talking about, get out!”

2, ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’
    Number 6 pays a call on Number 2, after he had received a visit from Number 14 telling him that he’s finished, and accusing Number 6 of putting the poison in.
   Number 2 asks Number 6 what he’s doing there, he’s come to keep him company. He’s heard that all of Number 2’s friends have deserted him {not that he had many friends to begin with} that he can’t trust anyone any more {well he never did} pity. All that power at Number 2’s disposal, and yet there he is all alone. In fact Number 2 has never felt so alone as he grips hard onto the Penny Farthing seemingly for comfort.
   Number 2 asks what Number 6 wants? He’s come to talk, to listen. But Number 2 has nothing to say. But that’s not like the old Number 2, where is the strong man, the hammer. You have to be hammer or anvil, Number 2 saw himself as the hammer, but hammers break more than anvils. Number 2 claimed to know who the Prisoner is, who freely admits that he’s Number 6 {he can’t be feeling well} but not in Number 2’s eyes, he’s D6, who was sent to The Village by their masters to spy on Number 2. He had been onto him right from the very beginning, he knew what D6 had been doing, so he can stop acting now. All those messages he sent, all the people he recruited, Number 2 knew Number 6 was a plant, he didn’t fool him. {Number 2 fooled me almost 50 years ago, because I thought he had got it right, that Number 6 had been a plant} the only trouble was, Number 2 fooled himself! Supposing for a moment that Number 2 had been right, that Number 6 had been planted in The Village by XO4, in order to check on Village security, to check on Number 2. But then Number 2’s first duty as a loyal citizen should have been not to interfere, but he did interfere, he admitted that much himself. There’s a name for that, sabotage! Who is Number 2 working for? For the power behind The Village, he protests. But he could be working for the enemy, or he could simply be a blunderer who has lost his head, either way Number 2 had failed! And they do not like failure here {that’s funny, I thought they never failed}. Number 2 saw it as Number 6 having destroyed him, but no, Number 2 destroyed himself, it was a character flaw, a weak link in the chain of command waiting to be broken. And any chain of command is only as strong as its weakest link. Number 2 begs Number 6 not to report him {I should imagine that Number 1 knows already considering that first scene in Number 2’s office} but Number 2 is to report himself. Had Number 6 picked up that oversized curved red telephone and reported Number 2 himself that game he had been playing would have been up for Number 6. Hence Number 2 having to report a breakdown in control to Number 1, breakdown being the optimum word.

3, ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’
There he is, Number 14 dozing in an armchair in the foyer of the Green Dome. As soon as he hears the pair of steel doors slide open he jumps to his feet, and comes to the attention position as he straightens his jacket, giving Number 2 the impression that he’s been standing like that all the time!

4, ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’
   In 'Hammer Into Anvil' when Number 6 goes to the General Store to buy a small notebook, seeing as I have a fascination with all things stationary myself.
    “Good day sir.”
    “I'd err like a small notebook.”
    “Very good sir.”
    “There's a nice little selection there sir.”
    “That's a nice one, I think I'll have that.”
    “Will that be all sir?”
    “No. I think I'd like of these” Number says walking over to the cuckoo clocks.
    “Ah yes sir. Yes sir very good value, special import. What about this type?”
    “No. I'll have this one.”
    Number 6 has dallied with the Shopkeeper-Number 112 before, and now does so again when he buys a cuckoo clock. He doesn't want the one the Shopkeeper suggested, who told Number 2 that he was looking for a specific one. Not so much a specific one, but a specific box!
   Having paid for his purchases Number 6 leaves the General Store and it doesn't take the Shopkeeper long before he's on the telephone to Number 2 in order to report Number 6's unusual activity again. He wasted Number 2's time the first time he reported Number 6's unusual activity, and now he was about to do it again. But then Number 2 only had himself to blame, asking for any unusual activity on the part of Number 6, to him personally. He was just asking for trouble!
   Finally I like the way one of the cuckoo clocks is "cuckooing" as Number 6 enters the General Store, in a way it seems suggestive.

5, ‘Arrival.’
  When the Prisoner on the morning of his arrival in The Village emerges from his cottage and looks up to see a figure leaning out of one for the windows of the Bell Tower. He quickly rushes round to the door of said tower and runs up the steps inside, eventually to come face to face with a statue!
  Now who would put a statue inside the
Bell Tower, and right at the very top? Perhaps the Prisoner arrived in The Village during “Rag Week!” That some of the students of Speedlearn had become somewhat over zealous, and hauled that statue up to the top of the Bell Tower for a joke! Well the joke appears to be on the Prisoner, because there never was any sign of that man who had been leaning out of the window. If he be a natural thing, where did he come from, where did he go?

6, ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’
    Thankfully for him the chimes of Big Ben are an hour out! He leaves what he thought was the Colonel's office in London, but he has been in The Village all the time. He steps outside and walks towards the Recreation Hall, where Number 2 and Fotheringay are talking together. Number 2 congratulates him and tells Fotheringay to get back to London before any embarrassing questions are asked. Fotheringay asks what’s him next assignment? The Colonel will give him his order when he returns. Nadia then appears, Number 6 stands looking up at her, shoe looking down at him…. “Be seeing you.”
   As Number 6 walks back to his cottage there’s an announcement “Good evening citizens, your local Council wishes to announce another exciting competition. The subject this time… seascapes.” To me that sound like rubbing salt into the wound!
  The fact that 4 of these scenes come from ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ is just the way it turned out. I could so easily have simply just selected 6 scenes from my favourite episode ‘Arrival,’ or my second favourite episode ‘Checkmate,’ but that would have been too easy. If you the reader had to choose your own favourite episodes, I wonder which they might be?

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Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                             “The Arrival”


Thought For The Day

    50 years of ‘the Prisoner,’ who would have thought it? And during this year the series actually screened on television by ‘True Entertainment.’ Perhaps they will screen it again before the year is out, I hope so. Mind you I’ve my own screening later in the year, commencing on October 6th, that’s when I first watched ‘Arrival,’ a few days after it was first screened on September 29th 1967 on ATV Midlands and Grampian being part of ITV regional network at the time. But I shall watch the series in black and white, and leaving a two week gap in January 1968, just as it was with the original transmission due to the fact the screening had caught up with production.
    I worked out the other day that I’ve been writing about ‘the Prisoner’ for 28 years, that’s an awfully long time. But I’ve enjoyed it, and I’m still enjoying it. What’s more from time to time the Prisoner does manage to give up one or two of its secrets even after 50 years which is most pleasing when it does. It would be nice to see ‘the Prisoner’ Mini-Moke
HLT 709C fully restored this year. But no-one appears to know where the Mini-Moke is, nor who now owns her, but hope she is in good and caring hands after her hard toil as a farm runabout, and eventual abandonment in the back of an old barn on a farm in the Netherlands back in the late 1960’s.

Be seeing you

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Page 9

    The only time I turn up in ‘the Prisoner’ is in ‘Arrival,’ a woman who trails the cortège of Cobb’s funeral. But I wasn’t permitted to attend Cobb’s funeral, even though we did know each other, we even planned to escape together. I was terribly sad at Cobb’s funeral, I cried. But the funeral was necessary you see, it was a tool to bring Number 6 and I together in mutual mourning for a lost friend.
    I work for Number 2. I was of course assigned to Cobb, and then to Number 6, to be used as a pawn in Number 2’s game. I never meant to betray Cobb, it was that they came for him before he was ready, not that he was expecting them, it’s just that in The Village you only have so long to give them what they want before they take it. I gave Number 6 the
Electro Pass and told him to go before it was too late. He went, but it was no good there is no escape only time for one final game of chess...... And that was the end of Number 9, and never to be seen again, nor be an involved number. After my day Number 8 became the popular number for females who were to betray Number 6, except when 8 was a man. On the face of it Number 14 looks to have betrayed him, and yet did she really? Did she not tell Number 2 that Number 6 had opened his eyes and saw her, her image projected onto the screen? Might she not have known she was being followed when she left her cottage, and therefore led Number 6 through The Village, the woods to the laboratory so to make the discovery he made? Alison did betray Number 6, but in the end she was sorry she had done so, her number was 24, 2 times 6, 4 times 6 equals 24. And finally Monique, the only woman to seek Number 6’s help, and not betray him at the same time!

Be seeing you

Number 7 He’s The Boss!

    In Agatha Chritie’s “The Seven Dials Mystery,’ the Seven Dials is a group of criminal-catchers and people who do secret service work for their country. Each member of the group is known by a number, however Number 7 is always missing at meetings. It is not until an emergency meeting of the Seven Dials is called, which Number 7 attends, is the identity of Number 7 is revealed.
   One might expect that Number 1 of the Seven Dials is the boss, but that is not that case, Number 7 turns out to be the boss! And that got me thinking. On the basis of the Seven Dials, the fact that Number 7 never attends their meetings, and the fact that Number 7 is always vacant in The Village, I came up with the idea that somewhere the mysterious Number 7 is the boss behind The Village not Number 1!

Be seeing you

Rover And Out!

    Control here Number Two, I have to report that Rover has gone berserk!
    What do you mean by berserk?
    It doesn’t respond to deactivation.
    What’s the Guardian done..................Well?
    Its the Control Room.
    How did it get in there?
    Through the steel doors.
    I mean into the building
    Through the air conditioning I should think.
    But the air conditioning conduits are narrow.
    Big enough if it reduced itself in size.
    It’s not supposed to do that.
    Try telling it that!
    What’s it doing?
    Nothing now, but before, it attacked and suffocated two Observers.    
    It seems to be interested in the astral map.
    How can you tell?
    I think it’s looking for something.
    Looking for something....don’t be ridiculous man.
    I think it’s looking to go home!
    You mean its extraterrestrial?
    ET for short.
    You think ET wants to go home?
    It seems to be studying the chart.
    How does it expect to get home?
    I don’t know sir. Perhaps if we sent a signal......
    What da da da de da, don’t be ridiculous man, and have the Earth   
invaded with these things!
    They may come anyway, after all we have kept it prisoner here.
    Suppose this should be a small one of its kind?
    What’s it doing now?
    Its beginning to pulsate, its white light, blinding brilliant white light.
    Supervisor, Supervisor tell me what’s happening, go on reporting, Supervisor....... what’s that roaring sound, what’s it doing?
    When a group of armed security guards gained entry to the Control room they found it deserted. There was no sign of the Supervisor, or any of the Observers, they had physically disappeared, or had been absorbed by the creature known as the Guardian or Rover. But of it there was no sign. A search was made, no nook or cranny was missed. The air conditioning was switched off and the conduits filled with a nerve agent. But nothing. Of the Guardian there was no trace. The only anomaly was a round charred area on the floor, slightly concaved.

Be seeing you

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

It’s Inexplicable!

   Who named that Guardian thing Rover? Yes I know Number 6 first called it Rover, but I’ve always thought that’s because of the way the Guardian acts as a guard dog, or retriever, and the way it responded when he threw it a stick in the form of a Mini-Moke to chase. But what if Rover is actually the Guardian’s name? How did Number 6 know what to call it? Perhaps more to the point how did Curtis know what to call the Guardian? Because it is in the guise of Curtis that Number 6 telephoned Number 2.
   “Number Six is dead, Rover got him.”
   It may be supposed that Number 2 told him. But then we are back with the question of how did Number 6 know, Curtis never told him!
   Number 2 is shocked to hear this news, he telephoned the Control Room ordering the Supervisor-Number 106 to deactivate Rover pending further instructions. So Number 2 must have known the Guardian’s name is Rover to have acted upon what Number 6 had said. So too the Supervisor he must have realized what Number 2 was talking about when told to de-activate Rover, otherwise he would have asked Number 2 what he meant by Rover? I can only imagine that the Guardian was referred to as Rover in a deleted scene. More than that it is only in ‘The Schizoid Man’ that the Guardian is referred to as an entity at all, except in ‘Once Upon a Time’ when Number 2 told Number 1 that he can remove that thing, when the Guardian is sitting in his chair at the time.

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Exhibition of Arts And Crafts



Village Life!

    “Curtis here.”
    Number 2 “Password?”
    “Schizoid Man…..Number Six is Dead.”
    “He’s dead, Rover got him.”
    “What got him?”
    “What’s Rover?”
    “That big white balloon-like thing.”
    “You mean the Guardian.”
    “Do I? If you mean that big white balloon-like thing then yes the Guardian.”
    “Then why didn’t you say the Guardian…..oh never mind. Control Room, deactivate Rover immediately pending further instruction.”
    Supervisor-106’s voice “Deactivate what sir?”
    “What’s Rover when it’s at home?”
    “That large white balloon-like thing.”
    “Oh you mean the Guardian.”
    “Yes the Guardian.”
    “If you mean the Guardian say the Guardian, its not difficult!”
    “Look, I don’t care what it’s called just deactivate the damned thing pending further instructions.”

Be seeing you

Sunday, 16 July 2017

6 of The Best!

   Pictorially there are a multitude of pictures to choose from ‘the Prisoner,’ so to select ‘6 of The Best’ might be an almost impossible thing to do. However I gave it a great deal of consideration and arrived at the following.

1, ‘Arrival.’
   When the Guardian puts in its first appearance. 
   The Guardian has a pinkish hue.  Originally the idea was to have the Guardian absorb its victims, but that idea was obviously dropped. The two pictures here seem to be suggestive of that. Or are they veins and organs of the Guardian?

2, ‘Checkmate.’
   This is my absolute personal favourite. Number 6 is stealing a taxi, it’s the close-up of the two taxis with the Village in the background, for me this is a picture which epitomizes both ‘the Prisoner’ and Portmeirion. 

3, ‘Arrival.’
   The Prisoner-Number 6 is a dab-hand with his fists, and favours good old fashioned brute force on many an occasion. But using brute force against the Village Guardian doesn't work, because of the Guardian’s balloon like quality it offers no resistance.

4, ‘Dance of The Dead.’
   What’s this, meals on wheels? Three house maids, including Number 54 taking three prisoners, including Number 6, their breakfast. It might appear to be a privilege, but it’s a slow mode of transport and by the time the breakfasts are delivered they will be cold!

5, ‘A B and C.’
    Number 2 cuts a very tragic figure towards the end of ‘A B and C’. He was over confident, he underestimated Number 6 which allowed Number 6 to turn the tables on him, revealing him to be “C”. This leaves Number 2 a broken man. There is a headline of The Tally Ho which asks the question “Is Number 2 Fit for Further Term?” which refers not to his ability, but to the question of his health. The fact that the man suffers from a stomach ulcer. But surely his failure is not all of his doing, the doctor Number 14 must bear some of the blame. But sadly it’s Number 2 who must pay for the failure. What’s more, things can only get much worse for this particular Number 2 when we see him next!

6, ‘Once Upon A Time.’
  This is Number 2 having spent the entire night reciting nursery rhymes to the slumbering Number 6. He pulls up the blinds and through squinting tired eyes looks out upon The Village. It gives me the impression that this is how it was for him when he had been brought back to The Village for the second time, or indeed for the very first time, having been abducted to The Village as a prisoner!

  It was a difficult task such is the vast choice of pictures to select from, but this is my personal choice. Of course it will vary greatly from your choice, those who are reading this.

Be seeing you

Village Life!

    Funny, it’s just like being back at school isn’t it Number 6 don’t you think? Perhaps you wouldn’t. Anyway that was the last time you wore a piped blazer, as Captain of the school boxing team. And as a fifth former you were allowed to wear a straw boater, not like the one you’re wearing at the moment admittedly. And you’ve been given a number, you should be used to that, even as a schoolboy you had your own number. But perhaps as you will be now, you were known then more by your school number than your name. Perhaps that’s why you toss that badge into the back of the taxi, along with the straw boater, that they remind you too much of your school days. But you retain the blazer, well a gentleman must have a jacket, if not a hat! Anyway there you go, a new suit of clothes, a new identity, and a free ride home, home being where the heart is, even if that’s not here in The Village. Anyway that cannot be helped seeing as the taxi is only a local service!

Be seeing you

The Pri50ner

     Why did the Prisoner known as Number 6 resign? He resigned because it was a matter of conscience, for a very long time……. he resigned for peace, for peace of mind, because too many people know too much. But if that’s not good enough for you, because you were perhaps expecting more, well try this on for size. It might have taken a few years after the event for Number 6 to come clean about it, well Patrick McGoohan actually, who finally had this to say, “He simply resigns as a matter of choice. He shouldn't have to answer to anyone. It's entirely his prerogative, his God-given right as an individual, to proceed in any way he sees fit. That's the whole point of it all.” You don’t have to tell anyone why you’ve resigned, and I’m of the opinion that the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation wasn’t important at all, well it was, but only up to a point, because it was the one thing missing from Number 6’s personal file. And they do like to have things brought up to date. But the Prisoner would have realized that if he gave one piece of information away all the rest might very well follow, which is what Number 2 hoped. Yes Number 6 did give the time of his birth away, but he knew there was no danger in giving that away, as they would have known it anyway!
Be seeing you

Friday, 14 July 2017

Quote for The Day

    “So to the rest of the World I’ll be dead.”
    “Confirmation of a known fact.”
                                   {Number 6 and Number 2 – Dance of the Dead}

    A known fact which appears to have been forgotten by the time of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ or at least no-one has told Janet Portland, she is still under the impression that her fiancĂ© ZM73 is still working for her father. Which means she isn’t even aware of ZM73’s resignation!
    In the previous episode of ‘Many Happy Returns’ the original ending had Mrs. Butterworth/Number 2 hand Number 6 a copy of The Tally Ho in which there was a report of an aircraft lost at sea. I never could fathom why this should be reported in The Tally Ho. Surely a national newspaper would have made more sense! Anyway to the outside World Number 6 is now dead. Presumably the Meteor jet aircraft was ditched at sea, wreckage found but no bodies, and perhaps the search was continued in the hope of finding the two crewmen. But that wouldn’t suit The Village administration. Those  searching might stumble across The Village. So cunning a plan was hatched, a body was needed and there very conveniently was the dead body of Number 34. He together with the wallet in his pocket would be amended slightly, so that it is Number 6 who has died in an accident at sea, confirmation of a known fact. The body dumped in the sea to be found by the searchers looking for the two crewmen of the Meteor jet. A cunning plan that didn’t stand the passage of time, it was simply forgotten about by the time of DNFMOMD!

Be seeing you

Two Times 70

    “He is me.”
    “And I am him”
    70 in THEPRIS6
NER EPISODE ‘Harmony’ is in charge of the Talk Therapy. It is his job to talk to Six, to find out what makes Six Six, to open him up so that they can see the Six inside. But 70 has a shadow 70, “He is me” says 70 “And I am him” 70 adds.
    Doubles, twins, look-a-likes, dress-a-likes, and possible clones appear throughout ‘the Prisoner’ series. The gardener and electrician, the photographer Number 113b, and The Tally Ho vender Number 113c, even Number 6 has a double, even doubles. In ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ when Number 6 is asleep in his bed, one double is seen standing on the balcony of the Green Dome. Then later just before Number 6 is leaving the Green Dome, his double is seen again standing on top of the stone Bandstand. What about Curtis? I’m not counting him, he’s just a look-a-like! But there is Number 1, he’s Number 6, and vice versa. The other thing about identical twins, and doubles, they never meet! Oh Number 113b and his double Number 113c did see each other, but they were not together. And as far as we know the gardener and the electrician are not seen together, certainly not in ‘Arrival’ anyway. Come to think of it, we don’t see either of them again after ‘Arrival!’ It might be that they are two sets of identical twins, or doubles or like Number 6 and Number 1 are the alter egos of each other. But unlike Number 6 and Number 1 they exist together in The Village, having come to terms with each other that they now live in harmony. Perhaps if Number 6 could come to terms with himself, he and his alter ego Number 1 could learn to live with each other, and perhaps achieve peace of mind. Paradoxically I shouldn’t think Number 1 would be too happy to find out he’s been the Prisoner all the time!

Be seeing you

Thursday, 13 July 2017


    Number 6 was talking to Number 14 in a scene in ‘Hammer Into Anvil, he talked a lot of rubbish asking 14 if he’d slept well. Apparently Number 6 had a terrible night, insomnia, he couldn’t sleep, so restless. That’s what you get for not drinking your nightcap of drugged hot chocolate! Anyway there’s no point lying in bed when  you are awake. So Number 6 got up and went out, and had a walk along the beach, its marvellous that time of day, invigorating, the air I brisk and clear. The rain on your face, the wind in your cheek, don’t look now the waiter is watching…….. Now why did he say that? He must have known the waiter was watching them, because he was. And as soon as Number 6 left the cafe area the waiter went to the kiosk and telephoned Number 2 reporting Number 14’s behaviour. Not only do citizens have the human guardians watching them, but by ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ there are now Undercovers, watching the citizens, ready to report the slightest misdemeanour, or anything out of the ordinary. That Number 112, the shopkeeper he’s another one who couldn’t wait to report Number 6’s unusual activity direct to Number 2. He then went running off to the Green Dome, records and Tally Ho in hand. With Observers, guardians, and undercovers all watching everyone else, it’s a wonder anyone could be able to get away with anything in The Village. Unless of course those who were doing the watching were not being watched themselves, they might be able to get away with something without being observed. And the only way to avoid that would be to have everyone as Undercovers, so that everyone would be watching everybody else. Complete and total surveillance.

Be seeing you

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


    ZM73 for want of a better name, and it would be wrong to call him the Prisoner just yet on the grounds that he’s not, has resigned, chucked in his job. No doubt he told that chap sat behind the desk what he could do with it, whilst using a few choice words while he was about it. Did that make that pen pushing bureaucrat ZM73’s boss, because I thought that was the Colonel, but then the Colonel keeps changing not as frequent as Number 2, but on the same lines. No, it’s Sir Charles Portland who’s the boss, ZM73 said so, well he thought it to himself, and that makes one wonder why ZM73 handed in his letter of resignation to that petty bureaucrat and not Sir Charles Portland. But then he is nothing but a contrivance for the episode of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ as there was no Colonel for ZM73 to report to after returning home to London. Seeing as he is the Colonel, if only in appearance!
    So ZM73 has been xxxxxxxxxxxx’ed out, he has effectively become an ex-Secret Agent. His card dropped into one of many grey filing cabinets, a warehouse full by the look of it, this one marked RESIGNED. Grey filing cabinets, each one differently assigned, but all filled with information, information, information, it makes one wonder what they do with it all. Who has access to all this information? Is this the resource where The Village administration puts all its information? After all the prime directive of The Village administration seems to be the amassing, and collecting of information. The one piece of information lacking in Number 6’s file is the reason behind his resignation, but once he told them that all the rest would follow, or at least that was the plan. But just as long as Number 6 kept that piece of information to himself he knew that he had told them nothing else. The files he had seen, the projects he had heard about. Not like Roland Walter Dutton, the doctor squeezed every tiny piece of information out of him he could, but still that wasn’t enough. In his experiments to try and extract any further information he took Dutton right to the edge and then pushed him over it. But Dutton didn’t have access to the vital stuff, and yet he paid the price for being expendable. Number 6 is lucky, had he not been seen to have a future with The Village, what happened to Dutton might well have happened to Number 6. As the doctor once demonstrated, he would be prepared to go to any lengths simply to discover Number 6’s breaking point, and in his case the extraction of any information would be considered a bonus!

Be seeing you

Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                    “Delusions of Grandeur!”

Village Life!

    “Well if it isn’t Mister Drake.”
    “We haven’t seen you here in a long time.”
    “I’ve been away.”
    “On business I suppose.”
    “Something like that.”
    “Usual is it?”
Doris. I’m looking for a woman.”
    “That’s not like you mister Drake.”
    “It’s not like that.”
    “No it never is with you men.”
    “Less of the back chat
Doris, a pint of brown and mild.”
    “I don’t like to ask.”
    “But you’re going to anyway.”
    “Why are you holding the peak of your cap like that?”
    “I was stitching it, and stitched my finger and thumb to it!”
    “Mister Drake you’re a one! There you are a pint of brown and mild, that will be one and tuppence.”
    {John Drake takes a long draught of the beer}
    “Augh! That tastes disgusting
Doris! What are you trying to do, poison me?”
    “Oh I’m sorry Mister Drake, the barrel must be off. I’ll have to put a new one on.”
   “And while you’re about it I’ll have a brandy, whisky, vodka, drambuie, tia maria, cointreau, and grand marnier.”
    “Really sir, who are all these for?”
    “I’m on a work’s outing.”
   “Work’s outing, but you’re on your own!”
   “I’m self employed!”

Be seeing you

Monday, 10 July 2017

A Favourite Scene In It’s Your funeral

    Number 6 approaches the kiosk, he is handed a copy of The Tally Ho, and picks up a bar of soap. I wonder what the headline of the broadsheet is? This is one edition of The Tally Ho when we do not actually see the front page. Perhaps the leading story is about Appreciation Day, after all that’s the running theme throughout this episode, more or less. But it is clearly impossible to say, all that can be said is, it doesn’t have the date Feb10th.
    There’s a woman at the kiosk, Number 36, I wonder if Number 6 recognizes her as Mrs. Butterworth’s housemaid Martha? Of course Number 36 could be a completely different character altogether, played by Grace Arnold. But fictionally speaking I like to think of Number 36 as being Martha who was left behind by Mrs. Butterworth when she left The Village. I’m sure Martha was a loyal and devoted servant to Mrs. Butterworth, but the chance could not be taken. Can’t have all and sundry wandering about free with knowledge of The Village, just won’t do at all!
   So there’s Number 36 trying to buy a bag of sweets, because she can’t go a day without them, meaning either she has a sweet tooth or she has become addicted to sugar. So feeling sorry for her, when Number 6 pays for The Tally Ho and a bar of soap he also buys 36 a bag of sweets, so apparently there’s no hard feelings on the part of Number 6. Because the last time he saw Martha she looked own her nose at him, that raggedy man in ‘Many Happy Returns. She must have taken Number 6 for a vagrant!
   Opinion Poll, I didn’t think citizens and citizenesses were allowed opinions! I’ve often wondered why The Tally Ho dispenser still has the bulletin ‘opinion poll’ from when it was last used during the local election in ‘Free For All.’ You’d have thought they would have changed that. And the dispenser is not used in the previous episode ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ Number 6 buys copies of The Tally Ho from the General Store and a kiosk. And of course there are copies of ‘Village Mercury’ and ‘Village Journal’ for sale. There is a picture of what looks like a man and a woman together on a beach on one magazine, and a woman with dark auburn hair standing.. Anyway the two pictures are too indistinct to be identified, as with the headline of The Tally HO Number 6 buys. But it’s not the same Tally Ho used in both ‘A B and C’ and ‘The Schizoid Man’ as there’s no date, at least that much can be said.
   So Number 6 buys Number 36 a bag of sweets, well candy, as Number 6 said, but that’s American for you, they call sweets candy. And that’s not the first Americanism he’s used within the series and it won’t be the last!

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Quote For The Day

    “What do you desire?”
    “Number One.”
    “I’ll take you.”
                 {The Supervisor and Number 6 – Once Upon A Time}

    I suppose having survived the ultimate test of Degree Absolute Number 6 thought he had earned the right to see Number 1. Was it to simply meet him, or to have it out with him about the treatment he has received since the day he arrived in The Village? Perhaps he already knew the identity of Number 1, and had been working for him all the time. There is a theory that Number 6 was sent to The Village in order to test security {as Number 2 in Hammer Into Anvil believed} to check on Village methods. Had that been the case the meeting might have involved Number 6 making his report. But it didn’t quite work out like that it ended, if it ended at all, in chaos, mayhem, death and escape.

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Citizen No.112

    Number 6 must have had a previous experience of the shopkeeper-Number 112, or at least have knowledge that this weasel of an individual is in actual fact a guardian. Who would report Number 6’s unusual activity to Number 2 the moment Number 6 left the General Store, which of course he did, and couldn’t go running off to the Green Dome fast enough!
    I suppose the former shopkeeper Number 19 had to be replaced after his activities with Number 6 during the previous episode. And yet Number 2 did tell Number 6 that all the others would be back on the chessboard the next day. Although it has to be said that since Number 112 became shopkeeper of the General Store he has introduced a number of special imports, a variety of records and Cuckoo clocks. He has also made one innovation to the shop, a discreet record booth installed so the customer can listen to a record before buying.

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Network Announce The Prisoner 50th Anniversary Event

    ‘Fall In - The Prisoner at 50’ is the official title of Network's 50th anniversary event to be held in Portmeirion on Friday September 29th 2017 to which tickets are now on sale.
   The event will include guest question and answer sessions with cast and crew from the series, a premiere of 'In My Mind,’ which is a new feature-length documentary, key episodes of the series will be screened using brand new 35mm prints.
  Tickets are strictly limited, priced at £135 which includes free entry into all the events throughout The Village, including all the screenings, question and answer sessions, and includes a free deluxe box set of ‘the Prisoner’ being launched at the event, which includes a wealth of new and unseen material. This new box set also includes a 6-CD soundtrack set, comprising all the specially composed music and Chappell library music in one set for the first time.

For more information click on the link below.
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Six of The Best!

    I was thinking of the number 6 the other day and the way the Butler was set to give Number 6 six of the best in ‘Once Upon A Time.’ That led me to think how 6 of the best might equate to other aspects of ‘the Prisoner.’ ‘6 of The Best’ might be the best of any of the Number 2’s brought to oversee and administrate The Village, while at the same time carrying out schemes and machinations against Number 6. After some thought I arrived at the following.

1, Number 2 Leo McKern ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ and ‘Once Upon A Time.’ He successfully oversaw Number 6 and Nadia escape The Village unheeded, even though he could see it was the wrong approach. Then later, recalled to The Village against his will, he made the ultimate sacrifice, he gave his life for the cause.

2, Number 2 Eric Portman ‘Free For All.’ He has the mark of a true Statesman with the administrative ability to manipulate the entire Village community, including Number 6. He achieved that which he set out to do, and saw that the tissue wasn’t damaged in the process.

3, Number 2 Andre Van Gyseghem ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ Simply for all his achievements and the plans he had made for The Village.

4, Number 2 Peter Wyngarde ‘Checkmate.’ He is the consummate administrator, capable of allowing others to get on with their work while he attends to his administrative details. Although he is Number 2 and gives an air of that authority he is prepared to take advice from others before making a decision. He’s calm, calculating, always in control no matter what, and he’s not a man to panic not even when he is being tied up by desperate men trying to escape,

5, Number 2 Mary Morris ‘Dance of The Dead.’ Who on the face of it appears not to have done anything much at all, save for the usual administrative details. However she did see that no harm befell Number 6, seeing that he had a future with The Village. She did challenge his independence by trying to fix him up with a date for Carnival. She was efficient, almost ruthless, projected an air of authority and was a stickler for the rules, and acted as the Prisoner’s defender at his trial. She saw him condemned to death, but at the same time was his saviour!

6, Number 2 Anton Rogers ‘The Schizoid Man.’ He achieved his remit. He had Curtis brought to The Village in order to impersonate Number 6. He oversaw Number 6’s identity taken away from him, conditioned and made over to change his physical appearance. And it might have worked had it not been for a bruised fingernail! But at least he retrieved the situation by stopping Number 6 from escaping The Village. The death of Cutis would simply be seen as collateral damage.

   Of course you the reader may very well have your own particular ‘6 of The Best’ which varies from mine, and for a variety of different reasons.

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Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

               “Control Through Surveillance!”

The Prisoner!

   Look what they’ve done to me! I’ve been confined, locked up, and made to dress like a monk, and if that wasn’t bad enough I’ve been forced to wear this black and white mask!
   They came for me in the night, I struggled against them, I shouted at them that they’d got the wrong man. They said nothing as they just muttered between themselves, then removed my clothes and covered my naked body with this robe. Then they pinned me down and fitted this mask over my face………
Why have you done this………what have I done?

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Village Life!

    “You shouldn’t feel too bad about it.”
    “It’s alright for you!”
    “Is it?”
    “You’re your own boss.”
    “Am I? Yes I suppose I am.”
    “I was my own boss as manager of the Labour Exchange.”
    “So what happened?”
    “Well really there wasn’t that much for me to do, Number Two reported me for playing with……..with a children’s construction set.”
    “We don’t get time for that sort of thing here in the Control Room.”
    “They suggested I take a side-ways promotion, and that I was in the best position to find myself one.”
    “I became assistant to Number 2.”
    “That was a good sideways promotion.”
    “Not really, there wasn’t much for me to do.”
    “All I did was suggest that there were methods we hadn’t used against Number Six, and the next think I know is, I’m taking another side-ways promotion to the Control Room!”
    “Ah, that was your mistake you see. They think very highly of Number Six.”
    “So I found out. And here I am.”
    “My assistant.”
    “Again with nothing much to do!”
    “You could make yourself useful by making the tea.”
    “Now I’m nothing more than a glorified tea-boy!”
    “The trouble with you is, you don’t like to have a lot of work to do. It’s the authority you’re missing!”
    “See that woman and Number Two together over there, I should be with them.”
    “Instead of standing here with me with your arms folded!”
    “Well yes.”
    “You’re feeling left out in the cold! She’s not like you, she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty!”
    “Tea is it?”
    “Milk and two sugars. And don’t forget the biscuits.”
    “Yes, the proper ones, the ones with the cream inside.”

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Caught On Camera!

   The bay window of the Old People’s Home is so obviously a painted backdrop. Yet the lawn, balustrade, and Camera Obscura stand out even more, so poorly presented as it is. No attempt has been made to make the painted grass at the bottom of the painted backdrop blend in with the grass Number 14’s table and chairs stand on!
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Page 6

    In ‘It’s Your Funeral’ when Number 6 collects his personal items from the locker, where had he put his clothes? Because when Number 100 went to the 6 locker to exchange the two wristwatches, there were no clothes hanging in the locker! What’s more Number 6 took a cigarette lighter from the locker along with his other personal items, might that cigarette lighter have once belonged to Curtis in ‘The Schizoid Man?’ After all Number 6 was last seen to possess that lighter, perhaps he kept it as a reminder, or a trophy?
   Kosho, why didn’t Number 6 dunk Number 14 into the tank of water when he had the man at his mercy, because 6 had no qualms about dunking his opponent into the tank of water at the end of the bout in ‘It’s Your Funeral?’
    Why was Number 14 Number 6’s opponent at Kosho in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ when he didn’t appear in any other scene?
    Why didn’t Number 6 and Number 2 {the one about to retire} recognize each other when Number 6 the first time he came calling? Perhaps it’s a simple case they didn’t have anything to do with each other, certainly Number 2 was too preoccupied with his Village administrative details to have had any involvement with Number 6.

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