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Thursday 20 July 2017

Rover And Out!

    Control here Number Two, I have to report that Rover has gone berserk!
    What do you mean by berserk?
    It doesn’t respond to deactivation.
    What’s the Guardian done..................Well?
    Its the Control Room.
    How did it get in there?
    Through the steel doors.
    I mean into the building
    Through the air conditioning I should think.
    But the air conditioning conduits are narrow.
    Big enough if it reduced itself in size.
    It’s not supposed to do that.
    Try telling it that!
    What’s it doing?
    Nothing now, but before, it attacked and suffocated two Observers.    
    It seems to be interested in the astral map.
    How can you tell?
    I think it’s looking for something.
    Looking for something....don’t be ridiculous man.
    I think it’s looking to go home!
    You mean its extraterrestrial?
    ET for short.
    You think ET wants to go home?
    It seems to be studying the chart.
    How does it expect to get home?
    I don’t know sir. Perhaps if we sent a signal......
    What da da da de da, don’t be ridiculous man, and have the Earth   
invaded with these things!
    They may come anyway, after all we have kept it prisoner here.
    Suppose this should be a small one of its kind?
    What’s it doing now?
    Its beginning to pulsate, its white light, blinding brilliant white light.
    Supervisor, Supervisor tell me what’s happening, go on reporting, Supervisor....... what’s that roaring sound, what’s it doing?
    When a group of armed security guards gained entry to the Control room they found it deserted. There was no sign of the Supervisor, or any of the Observers, they had physically disappeared, or had been absorbed by the creature known as the Guardian or Rover. But of it there was no sign. A search was made, no nook or cranny was missed. The air conditioning was switched off and the conduits filled with a nerve agent. But nothing. Of the Guardian there was no trace. The only anomaly was a round charred area on the floor, slightly concaved.

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