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Tuesday 18 July 2017

It’s Inexplicable!

   Who named that Guardian thing Rover? Yes I know Number 6 first called it Rover, but I’ve always thought that’s because of the way the Guardian acts as a guard dog, or retriever, and the way it responded when he threw it a stick in the form of a Mini-Moke to chase. But what if Rover is actually the Guardian’s name? How did Number 6 know what to call it? Perhaps more to the point how did Curtis know what to call the Guardian? Because it is in the guise of Curtis that Number 6 telephoned Number 2.
   “Number Six is dead, Rover got him.”
   It may be supposed that Number 2 told him. But then we are back with the question of how did Number 6 know, Curtis never told him!
   Number 2 is shocked to hear this news, he telephoned the Control Room ordering the Supervisor-Number 106 to deactivate Rover pending further instructions. So Number 2 must have known the Guardian’s name is Rover to have acted upon what Number 6 had said. So too the Supervisor he must have realized what Number 2 was talking about when told to de-activate Rover, otherwise he would have asked Number 2 what he meant by Rover? I can only imagine that the Guardian was referred to as Rover in a deleted scene. More than that it is only in ‘The Schizoid Man’ that the Guardian is referred to as an entity at all, except in ‘Once Upon a Time’ when Number 2 told Number 1 that he can remove that thing, when the Guardian is sitting in his chair at the time.

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