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Sunday 16 July 2017

The Pri50ner

     Why did the Prisoner known as Number 6 resign? He resigned because it was a matter of conscience, for a very long time……. he resigned for peace, for peace of mind, because too many people know too much. But if that’s not good enough for you, because you were perhaps expecting more, well try this on for size. It might have taken a few years after the event for Number 6 to come clean about it, well Patrick McGoohan actually, who finally had this to say, “He simply resigns as a matter of choice. He shouldn't have to answer to anyone. It's entirely his prerogative, his God-given right as an individual, to proceed in any way he sees fit. That's the whole point of it all.” You don’t have to tell anyone why you’ve resigned, and I’m of the opinion that the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation wasn’t important at all, well it was, but only up to a point, because it was the one thing missing from Number 6’s personal file. And they do like to have things brought up to date. But the Prisoner would have realized that if he gave one piece of information away all the rest might very well follow, which is what Number 2 hoped. Yes Number 6 did give the time of his birth away, but he knew there was no danger in giving that away, as they would have known it anyway!
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  1. Wouldn't McGoohan's conception of The Prisoner look very different if he saw that in our days of "social" media people, too many people in fact, are more than willing to present their private lives on a number of internet platforms and give away quite a lot more of information than just their date of birth? Isn't perhaps what we call "private" an obsolete term? Questions. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      I think McGoohan's concept of the Prisoner would remain the same today despite the world of "social media," McGoohan himself was a very private man and like-wise Number 6. Even John Drake liked to mind his own business and expected others to do the same.
      I think too many people are all to ready to give too many details of their private lives. The trouble is people like to be noticed, they like others to know all about
      themselves. People are encouraged to share with others. I myself give something of myself, but the greater extent my private life remains private. I don't think what we call "private" is an obsolete term, its the meaning which seems to have been forgotten by the masses.

      Best regards