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Friday 14 July 2017

Quote for The Day

    “So to the rest of the World I’ll be dead.”
    “Confirmation of a known fact.”
                                   {Number 6 and Number 2 – Dance of the Dead}

    A known fact which appears to have been forgotten by the time of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ or at least no-one has told Janet Portland, she is still under the impression that her fiancé ZM73 is still working for her father. Which means she isn’t even aware of ZM73’s resignation!
    In the previous episode of ‘Many Happy Returns’ the original ending had Mrs. Butterworth/Number 2 hand Number 6 a copy of The Tally Ho in which there was a report of an aircraft lost at sea. I never could fathom why this should be reported in The Tally Ho. Surely a national newspaper would have made more sense! Anyway to the outside World Number 6 is now dead. Presumably the Meteor jet aircraft was ditched at sea, wreckage found but no bodies, and perhaps the search was continued in the hope of finding the two crewmen. But that wouldn’t suit The Village administration. Those  searching might stumble across The Village. So cunning a plan was hatched, a body was needed and there very conveniently was the dead body of Number 34. He together with the wallet in his pocket would be amended slightly, so that it is Number 6 who has died in an accident at sea, confirmation of a known fact. The body dumped in the sea to be found by the searchers looking for the two crewmen of the Meteor jet. A cunning plan that didn’t stand the passage of time, it was simply forgotten about by the time of DNFMOMD!

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