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Thursday 6 July 2017

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    In ‘It’s Your Funeral’ when Number 6 collects his personal items from the locker, where had he put his clothes? Because when Number 100 went to the 6 locker to exchange the two wristwatches, there were no clothes hanging in the locker! What’s more Number 6 took a cigarette lighter from the locker along with his other personal items, might that cigarette lighter have once belonged to Curtis in ‘The Schizoid Man?’ After all Number 6 was last seen to possess that lighter, perhaps he kept it as a reminder, or a trophy?
   Kosho, why didn’t Number 6 dunk Number 14 into the tank of water when he had the man at his mercy, because 6 had no qualms about dunking his opponent into the tank of water at the end of the bout in ‘It’s Your Funeral?’
    Why was Number 14 Number 6’s opponent at Kosho in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ when he didn’t appear in any other scene?
    Why didn’t Number 6 and Number 2 {the one about to retire} recognize each other when Number 6 the first time he came calling? Perhaps it’s a simple case they didn’t have anything to do with each other, certainly Number 2 was too preoccupied with his Village administrative details to have had any involvement with Number 6.

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