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Tuesday 18 July 2017

Village Life!

    “Curtis here.”
    Number 2 “Password?”
    “Schizoid Man…..Number Six is Dead.”
    “He’s dead, Rover got him.”
    “What got him?”
    “What’s Rover?”
    “That big white balloon-like thing.”
    “You mean the Guardian.”
    “Do I? If you mean that big white balloon-like thing then yes the Guardian.”
    “Then why didn’t you say the Guardian…..oh never mind. Control Room, deactivate Rover immediately pending further instruction.”
    Supervisor-106’s voice “Deactivate what sir?”
    “What’s Rover when it’s at home?”
    “That large white balloon-like thing.”
    “Oh you mean the Guardian.”
    “Yes the Guardian.”
    “If you mean the Guardian say the Guardian, its not difficult!”
    “Look, I don’t care what it’s called just deactivate the damned thing pending further instructions.”

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