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Thursday 20 July 2017

Page 9

    The only time I turn up in ‘the Prisoner’ is in ‘Arrival,’ a woman who trails the cortège of Cobb’s funeral. But I wasn’t permitted to attend Cobb’s funeral, even though we did know each other, we even planned to escape together. I was terribly sad at Cobb’s funeral, I cried. But the funeral was necessary you see, it was a tool to bring Number 6 and I together in mutual mourning for a lost friend.
    I work for Number 2. I was of course assigned to Cobb, and then to Number 6, to be used as a pawn in Number 2’s game. I never meant to betray Cobb, it was that they came for him before he was ready, not that he was expecting them, it’s just that in The Village you only have so long to give them what they want before they take it. I gave Number 6 the
Electro Pass and told him to go before it was too late. He went, but it was no good there is no escape only time for one final game of chess...... And that was the end of Number 9, and never to be seen again, nor be an involved number. After my day Number 8 became the popular number for females who were to betray Number 6, except when 8 was a man. On the face of it Number 14 looks to have betrayed him, and yet did she really? Did she not tell Number 2 that Number 6 had opened his eyes and saw her, her image projected onto the screen? Might she not have known she was being followed when she left her cottage, and therefore led Number 6 through The Village, the woods to the laboratory so to make the discovery he made? Alison did betray Number 6, but in the end she was sorry she had done so, her number was 24, 2 times 6, 4 times 6 equals 24. And finally Monique, the only woman to seek Number 6’s help, and not betray him at the same time!

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