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Wednesday 12 July 2017

Village Life!

    “Well if it isn’t Mister Drake.”
    “We haven’t seen you here in a long time.”
    “I’ve been away.”
    “On business I suppose.”
    “Something like that.”
    “Usual is it?”
Doris. I’m looking for a woman.”
    “That’s not like you mister Drake.”
    “It’s not like that.”
    “No it never is with you men.”
    “Less of the back chat
Doris, a pint of brown and mild.”
    “I don’t like to ask.”
    “But you’re going to anyway.”
    “Why are you holding the peak of your cap like that?”
    “I was stitching it, and stitched my finger and thumb to it!”
    “Mister Drake you’re a one! There you are a pint of brown and mild, that will be one and tuppence.”
    {John Drake takes a long draught of the beer}
    “Augh! That tastes disgusting
Doris! What are you trying to do, poison me?”
    “Oh I’m sorry Mister Drake, the barrel must be off. I’ll have to put a new one on.”
   “And while you’re about it I’ll have a brandy, whisky, vodka, drambuie, tia maria, cointreau, and grand marnier.”
    “Really sir, who are all these for?”
    “I’m on a work’s outing.”
   “Work’s outing, but you’re on your own!”
   “I’m self employed!”

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