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Thursday 13 July 2017


    Number 6 was talking to Number 14 in a scene in ‘Hammer Into Anvil, he talked a lot of rubbish asking 14 if he’d slept well. Apparently Number 6 had a terrible night, insomnia, he couldn’t sleep, so restless. That’s what you get for not drinking your nightcap of drugged hot chocolate! Anyway there’s no point lying in bed when  you are awake. So Number 6 got up and went out, and had a walk along the beach, its marvellous that time of day, invigorating, the air I brisk and clear. The rain on your face, the wind in your cheek, don’t look now the waiter is watching…….. Now why did he say that? He must have known the waiter was watching them, because he was. And as soon as Number 6 left the cafe area the waiter went to the kiosk and telephoned Number 2 reporting Number 14’s behaviour. Not only do citizens have the human guardians watching them, but by ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ there are now Undercovers, watching the citizens, ready to report the slightest misdemeanour, or anything out of the ordinary. That Number 112, the shopkeeper he’s another one who couldn’t wait to report Number 6’s unusual activity direct to Number 2. He then went running off to the Green Dome, records and Tally Ho in hand. With Observers, guardians, and undercovers all watching everyone else, it’s a wonder anyone could be able to get away with anything in The Village. Unless of course those who were doing the watching were not being watched themselves, they might be able to get away with something without being observed. And the only way to avoid that would be to have everyone as Undercovers, so that everyone would be watching everybody else. Complete and total surveillance.

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