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Sunday 2 July 2017

His Own Worst Enemy!

    That’s Number 6, his own worst enemy. When he’s not trying to escape he’s forever poking his nose into business which is none his concern. He’s always too keen to become involved, and not always for his own good. At times he’s gullible, just like anyone else. He thought if he won the election.....what election? If ‘Dance of The Dead’ had maintained its rightful position in the screening order, then by the time the election came along, Number 6 would have known there to be no democratic process in The Village, it being an irritation the administration had dispensed with.
    He refuses to give any information, he revisits Number 2 at every turn. Refuses to co-operate, to settle down and join in, refuses to wear, observe, or respond to his number, and only does so when it suits him. In short it’s as Number 12 once said “He’s a troublemaker!” A malcontent, public enemy Number 6, who has to be tolerated because he’s too valuable, too important, and is seen to have a future with The Village which isn’t easy to see why. But perhaps because Number 6 is a troublemaker, a goat, that’s reason enough to have seen him brought to The Village in order to shake the community up out of its lethargy, to bring a spark to The Village. Not to put Number 6 to the test, but for Number 6 to put The Village and its community to the test!

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